08th Apr2020

Work from Home: What Working Parents in London Should Expect

by James Smith


The Coronavirus pandemic has continued to put enormous demands on society, forcing many businesses to shift to remote programs. Many parents who are used to working from a quiet environment now face the reality of a completely new and disruptive setup of working from home.

You Will Not Work at Your Usual Capacity

Take your normal working schedule and cut it into two halves. That is probably the much you can manage when working from home around your kids. Every parent in London will, in this season, be less productive.

You will, however, up your game by being proactive with your team and setting realistic expectations on what you can accomplish on a daily basis. Occasionally, set a video call with your team leader and be armed with options of how you both can get the work done.

What Parents Should Expect

The UK has been placed on lockdown, meaning that people are expected to put nonessential travels to a halt to curb the spread. For parents, the reality of having to juggle from work to an already straining family might be daunting. It will mean hiring nannies temporarily for some families while for others, especially those who cannot afford to hire a domestic worker, it will involve reducing the work they can handle to attend to their kids.

On the age spectrum, parents with young kids from toddlers to the age of five can expect frustration in their working schedule. This is an age in which kids tend to be extremely demanding. Technology such as CCTV installation London and the investment of a baby cot bed or mokee cots to trap them in should help.


For teens, this is the age where they expect a taste of independence, yet they have to be housebound most of the time with the people they hardly want to be around- their parents. If you have internet, be careful to monitor their activities by taking advantage of CCTV installation. You can expect resentment from this age group, which could directly hurt your output.

For both groups, accepting that screen time is important will help ease the frustrations. It is about resetting your mindset and moving to their level during this period.

Separate Business and Parent Roles

You will have to learn how to capitalise on each role, being careful to give each a set amount of time. The best you can do to separate the two is to set up an office in your house, if possible, a kid-free area. It will be easier to work when you do not notice dirty laundry around the house or a carpet that needs to be mopped.

That way, you will not be inclined to leave your working area. If you do not have a domestic manager or have kids who do not have long nap-time during the day, have a to-do list. If your kids are school-aged, set boundaries.

It will be tough for the average parent to work from home. However, now more than ever, it will be necessary to master a work-life balance to maintain a healthy, fun home-working experience. Find a balance that works for you, your company and your children.

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