01st Apr2020

‘The Complex’ Review

by Chris Cummings


The Complex is a sci-fi interactive movie game from Wales Interactive and is available to “play” on the Nintendo Switch, Windows, MacOS, XBox One and PS4.

I’ve played games like this before, such as The Bunker, so I know the genre. It’s basically a movie in which you make the odd decision, taking the story into unique directions. This, while not especially open and diverse in the way it plays, does offer plenty of story roads that you can go down, and in turn offers some replayability. The Complex itself has numerous endings to unlock, all depending on what you choose to do as the story goes on.

Now, the story itself follows Dr Amy Tenent, who you make decisions for, who is locked in a lab in London with a fellow scientist and a bio-terrorist who is locked in a chamber and dying. It follows an outbreak, and your decisions depend on who you trust and who you wish to be by the end of the story.


That’s a nutshell, there’s much more to the game, but I don’t want to spoil it for any potential viewers/players. It’s a sci-fi biochemistry thriller, and it has a slow start. I was losing interest by the time things kicked into third-gear, sadly, but I was captured again and thought it had some interesting and fun elements going for it. This is, however, much more of a movie of TV show than it is a game. You don’t really do much at all, so people expecting a gaming experience should look elsewhere. There are a few decisions that pop up, you click one of them, and the story takes that route. There aren’t any surprising or intriguing fresh elements thrown in to add some extra intrigue, and I thought that was a shame.

Really, The Complex is missing something to make it really interesting and exciting. The performances are so-so, and the story itself isn’t exactly riveting. It’s just a bit timid and bland, never really taking you in directions that make you clutch your controller or sit on the edge of your chair. It’s just… okay. I was disappointed, really, because the genre could be pretty damn cool if there were some thoughtful additions and exciting elements tossed into the mix.


A vaguely curious though fairly bland experience, The Complex isn’t the best Interactive Movie Game (Netflix’s Bandersnatch was better) out there by any means. If you’re intrigued by a sci-fi thriller with choices to be made, then maybe you’ll dig something here, but overall I was either bored, sleepy or disappointed by it. Oh well, there’s always next time.

The Complex is out now on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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