27th Mar2020

Mathematical Approach for Poker Players and Casino Lovers

by James Smith

Unfortunately, high school and college students never take the math teachers’ words seriously when they say that mathematics is the key to understanding the world. However, as time passes by, people start understanding that they were right. This mistress of all sciences can be applied to every single scope of human activities, and online gambling is not an exception out of the general rule. Nowadays, it is quite probable that you can play the games that pay real money and win just because you know the very basics of mathematical preaching. Especially when it comes to casino card games, such as poker, you can strike it rich if you can predict poker possible hands count. In this article, we will talk more about how math can become your key to life full of victories in online casino games.


It Is No Rocket Science

The first thing that you ought to understand is that when somebody talks about the mathematical approach to Internet poker, it does not mean that you have to be an ace of trigonometry, algebra, geometry, and some other stuff that is too deep for 99.99% of the global population. No, you solely have to know how to count cards in poker. Everything you need is a bit of attentiveness, and analytical skills and success won’t make you want for too long.

Know Your Chances

The first thing that should be mentioned when it comes to pondering over online casino games and their relation to mathematics is that you should always know or at least try to predict your chances of winning. Imagine yourself thinking about what poker app uses real money? Everything you need to do to get an answer to your question is to search it online. Now, the scheme of actions is almost the same in terms of defining whether you need to risk it all in poker or whether you should wait for the next hand.

Math helps you define the ratio of winning. Let’s get to a real example. Let’s say that you want to credit $5 hoping to win the cashier of $15, which is already on the paytable. A bit of math makes it quite understandable that the odds of winning here are 15:5. Those pot-odds, as the professional casino players, would have called it, make it clear that your chance of winning is 3:1. That is, you will lose in two scenarios and win in one. Sure, it does not give you an idea of what exactly you should do, but it certainly helps you understand the risks that you are taking and whether those risks are justified. Some folks might claim poker is not about math, but in most cases, this is actually everything that you need to know even when playing free online poker games with fake money.


Now, it is time to focus our attention more on the pot-odds because math behind video poker or any other type of poker requires you to be a bit of a fortuneteller. But don’t you worry, math will be your magic globe that will surely show you everything that you need to know. Let’s go back to the practical examples as there is no better way to explain the role of math in poker. Imagine that there are $20 in a heads-up pot. An opponent, which might be represented by an online algorithm, tries to bet $10 up. So, what shall you do in this situation? Accept or revert the call?

Unfortunately, books about poker math give no answer to this question. But we do. The first thing you should know here is that your intuition means nothing. Don’t you ever try playing poker with your intuition. An ordinary person would think in this situation that there is a 50% need for accepting the call. However, the real answer stays behind the mask of math. Each and every card in your hand adds to or diminishes your chance of winning.

Think about it this way. Imagine that there is a big sum, like $500,000 in the pot. The betting step is $10. Having evaluated the hand that you have, you see that it might be good only in 40% of the time. So, what is it? A call or a fold? It is surely a call, and here is why. The worst-case scenario in this situation is losing $10. Meanwhile, it is a 40% probability of winning $500,000. So, it always boils down to evaluating your risk and probable damage. If you feel like the damage is bearable. Go for it!


Regardless of whether you play casino slot games for fun or you are a serious player who starts gambling in order to win some real money, mathematics can surely become your best friend. As it has been already mentioned, high school teachers, probably, know something if they put so much emphasis on learning math. Well, jokes aside, mathematics can truly become your bridge over the river of risks to the shore of success. Having applied some basic arithmetic and analytical skills, you can become the king or queen of poker. The mathematical strategy is not about resolving equations and the odds of winning; it is all about understanding whether your next move is justifiable or not. Simple as that, so count to ten! Was it successful? Then you’re ready to play!

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