25th Mar2020

‘Trick’ VOD Review

by Dom Hastings

Stars: Thom Niemann, Omar Epps, Ellen Adair, Jamie Kennedy, Tom Atkins, Vanessa Aspillaga, Alex Breaux, Kristina Reyes, Todd Farmer, Sasha Diamond, Hilary Greer, Gary J. Tunnicliffe | Written by Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier | Directed by Patrick Lussier

“How is he still alive?”


Benton, NY. October 31st 2015. Spin the bottle? No, spin the knife. High school students are getting loose and wild at a party, but what they don’t realise, is that they’re about to witness the outburst of a monster. Trick is that monster.

After a brutally goresome session, Patrick “Trick” Weaver (Thom Niemann) escapes, leaving desperate cop, Detective Mike Denver (Omar Epps), playing chase in the deadliest and most frustrating game of cat and mouse imaginable. One year later, it’s Halloween time again, and he’s back. After an extensive investigation throughout 2015-16, Trick was supposed to be dead, but he’s back at another Halloween party killing again, leaving a message for Mike. Like most decent film detectives, Mike ​knows ​that Trick is back, but the logic of his colleagues dismiss the serial killer’s potential return. Fast-forwarding to more killing sprees during the next Halloween and subsequent Halloweens leading up to the present day, Trick has progressed and evolved to mythical status amongst the cool kids of Benton. Mike, however, isn’t a fan, and he’s waiting for the treat of handing justice to Trick.

Omar Epps’ Det. Mike Denver is the enforcer of the law who we all aspire to be and root for. A good, clean cop committed to the cause beyond the limits of his colleagues and superiors, an admirable relentless attitude exists in him. On the other side of the law, however, there is Trick. A devient murderer killing without reason, the existence of Trick is terrifying. Trick’s underground status as a mythical being with a fandom is more terrifying. Denver’s loyal and truly excellent colleague, Sheriff Lisa Jayne (Ellen Adair), provides a thought-provoking insight and commentary on the existence of an antagonist (Trick) relying upon the relationship with the protagonist (Det. Denver) in which they share a film (​Trick​) with.

It is obvious from the get go that ​Trick ​is a horror film influenced from the franchise greats of the last 40-something years. Under Patrick Lussier, a veteran of horror filmmaking, ​Trick​ ​is of a filmmaking quality that should be present in every mainstream cinema. Essentially, pure stab porn, this is a slasher of extreme levels of violence, brilliantly edited for the best suspense and action. With good CGI and suggestive red lighting, ​Trick​ ​is terrific on a technical level also.

Ultimately, ​Trick​ ​is undeniably a horror for the legit fans of the genre. Homage here and there, an enthralling story, plus ​Halloween III’​ s Tom Atkins, ​Trick i​s the perfect film to isolate yourself with if you dare.

**** 4/5

Trick will be available on Digital Download from 30th March and is available for pre-order here.


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