11th Mar2020

Thunderkick Casino Games Showcased in QTech Competition

by James Smith


QTech Games

QTech Games offer the largest array of alternatives for its gaming portfolio. The organization is specialized for each Asian region. By implementing modern web technology, the organization created powerful native phone applications, reporting and advertisement tools. The services are supported by local languages and the players may easily access the services offered by the platform.

QTech is the main game distributor for rising markets. The organization specializes in discovering the best online casino games and supplying them to different operators in different geographical locations globally. The organization ensures markets globally have a consistent supply of new and updated games.
The platform, however, does more than just distribute games. By using unique tools to showcase the games, QTech ensures that their clients can outperform the competition. In addition to the constant supply of the best games, the organization also implement tournaments, free rounds, bet limits, and a real-time feedback system to help clients have the best experience.

Thunderkick Games

Thunderkick has made a pretty huge number of video games, 26 video slots, to be exact. The portfolio includes the latest innovation and quality standards, with each game centered on engaging stories and themes. The slot games are full of bonus rounds and multipliers, free spins, and other exciting features.
Most games built by Thunderkick have mythical names and themes and they are distributed on multiple casino sites. To know if a casino site contains games from this developer, check for the trademark Thunderkick logo at the footer of the casino site. It is no surprise then that Qtech Games decided to link up with Thunderkick for its tournament. If you are not familiar with the products offered, you may try some Thunderkick Casinos at ukcasino.org.uk to see what we are going on about. You can find all information on our site regarding QTech casino games.

QT Thunderkick Championship

The QT Thunderkick Championship features many titles due to the exclusive association of QTech and Thunderkick. Beloved classics like Carnival Queen and Pink Elephant are availed next to hot new releases, like the sword of Khans. The competition captures the players’ interest in particular days of the month.

The QT Thunderkick competition is always open and free for all interested gamers. To become eligible as a player, you simply play any game by the developers while in real mode. The competition will award 20 players daily with cash rewards to help motivate everyone participating in the game. The only limit is that players have to have cleared bet conditions within each game. Apart from the daily prices, the overall championship will offer additional rewards to the top twenty players in the tournament.

How the tournament operates

The famous series of tournaments offered by QTech use competition to allow players to convert their spins into rewards in their favorite games. The players amass the points through different routes. A player may gain these points through consecutive wins, losses, or large multiplier wins.

Additional features in the competition

The tournament also has a leadership feature, a unique game design element which enables users to trail their advancement during the competition. The leadership board is made live, with updates being made in real-time. This helps to effuse the player more and also to improve their playing time.

The tournament prize is a mouthwatering €15,000. The statistics from earlier editions of QTech’s tournaments show that the event has high retention rates. The number of distinctive participants has risen by over 40% over time and mostly during the campaign period.

Attractiveness of Thunderkick

Thunderkick games contain high-quality features, and although they take a while to load, they run slickly. The games have a common pattern of buttons, like the auto-play and bet adjustment, all at an effort to give a familiar experience. In addition to this, the games also have a high RTP and ensure players have more tangible satisfaction.

QTech executive opinion

QTech Games CEO, Markus Nasholm, remarked that the organization outdid its performance by keeping up with dynamic player trends. The creation of the QT Thunderkick tournament was to this regard.  “This industry-first campaign rewards tool allows any operator to make their competition across the whole QTech portfolio of games, or they can alternatively choose the specific product or manufacturer which they want to endorse.”

Additionally, the executive noted that the operator demand exceeded the estimates, and the existence of the Thunderkick partnership contributed significantly towards the outcome. Thunderkick found this platform a perfect base to showcase their unique productions and position them well in the market.

The CEO continued: “QTech’s championships drives offer the perfect opportunity to boost their product by bringing more publicity and sustainability.” Additionally, he noted that tournaments provided an effective marketing tool for operatives while increasing gaining and retention rates. This is done by offering participants a life-changing payout off low risks.

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