09th Mar2020

Why Bingo is Moving Online

by James Smith

For more than half a century, bingo has been a game that has been enjoyed all over the country. In fact, it has been enjoyed all over the globe. For many years, bingo was exclusively played in dark, stale, and dingy bingo halls that stank of cheap beer and tobacco smoke. Money was invested in the game and many of these halls were renovated and given a modern twist (Mecca Bingo anyone?). Despite this, when we think of bingo nowadays, rather than thinking of bingo halls in towns and cities, we imagine bright, vibrant, and lavish-looking new online bingo options instead. Online bingo is enormously popular right now, and that only looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. But why? Here’s a look at why bingo is moving online.



First and foremost, one of the most obvious reasons why bingo is moving online is because it is so convenient for players. Decades ago, if you got in from work after a long day and wanted a game of bingo in the winter, you’d have to get changed, grab some food, wrap up warm, and then head outdoors to brave the cold and wet conditions before travelling however many miles to your nearest bingo hall. If you didn’t win, you then had the prospect of a long journey home, much poorer than when you arrived home from work. Nowadays, if you want a game of bingo, you just reach for your phone, tablet, or laptop, head over to your favourite online bingo site, and enjoy a game or two in the warmth without even having to leave. Thanks to mobile optimization of these sites, you can play online bingo virtually anywhere, at any time.

Open all hours

Another downside to bricks and mortar bingo halls was the fact that they weren’t open 24/7. Many of them would only remain open at certain hours, or even on certain days, so if you didn’t have time to get there before the next game began, you were out of luck. With online bingo, though, these sites can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Now, you get to play bingo whenever you feel like it.



When you play a game, it’s often better when you play with friends. Thanks to the advancements in online technology, bingo is now more sociable than ever. People can chat with their friends in the lobby, they can invite one another to have a game or two, and they can even share their progress on social media.

More money to be made

Lastly, the final reason why bingo is moving online is because of the fact that that is where the money is. More than 1 in 2 people now owns a smart phone, which means that more people than ever before could potentially be players of the game. With fintech also making it easier than ever to make payments and deposit funds, there is a lot of money to be made with online bingo, and the site owners recognise this.

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