06th Mar2020

Interview: Ant Timpson on ‘Come To Daddy’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to Kiwi filmmaker Ant Timpson about his directorial debut Come To Daddy, starring Elijah Wood; whis is out now on VOD and Blu-ray via Signature Entertainment UK.

Come To Daddy is a critically acclaimed and super entertaining genre-bending horror comedy starring Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings), Stephen McHattie (Watchmen), Michael Smiley (Kill List) and Garfield Wilson (The Man in the High Castle).

A sincere invitation sends 30-something Norval to his estranged father’s remote coastal cabin with hopes of reconciliation. Hope turns to panic, as he uncovers his father’s shady past and is forced to face his inherited demons.



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