28th Feb2020

Jessica Cameron’s latest ‘A Bad Place’ to premier at Cinequest

by Phil Wheat

Horror film darling and scream queen Jessica Cameron returns for her third time in the director’s chair with A Bad Place, a chilling vision: the story of another place, another time, where three female strangers must evade a shadowy force and their own grim pasts, as they try to find a way beyond a nightmare world that exists in a foggy edge of reality. Florence, Molly, and Collette are trapped in a world they couldn’t possibly have imagined…all running from events that happened in their lives; each forced to confront the unthinkable.

A Bad Place stars Ali Ferda, Heather Dorff, Johanna McGinley, Jim Foreman, Dylan Cinti and introduces Bella Mortensen. Cameron has always believed in producing horror films that empower female characters, and A Bad Place is a perfect addition to her repertoire as an artist. And, just like her previous films, she always provides the audience with stories as wild as they are unpredictable.

A Bad Place will have it’s world premiere at the world renown Cinequest Film Festival on Saturday March 7th at 9:45 pm. Tickets can be purchased here. Director Jessica Cameron, stars Ali Ferda and Bella Mortensen will be in attendance for the premiere; and Jessica had this to say about the world premiere:

It has been a dream of mine to premiere at Cinequest since I started making movies, this is a festival that loves independent cinema and those like myself who kill ourselves to make them. I am honored to be involved.

A Bad Place also screensat Cinequest on Sunday March 8th and Monday March 9th. Future screenings will be announced on the film’s social media pages.








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