21st Feb2020

WWE Network Original Review: Tegan Nox – The Comeback

by Chris Cummings


Tegan Nox, known by many UK wrestling fans as Nixon Newell by which she wrestled as from her debut in 2013 until signing with WWE back in 2017, has had a rollercoaster journey since signing with the biggest wrestling and sports entertainment company in the world three years ago. Suffering an injury before the initial Mae Young Classic, Tegan was out and it was a real disappointment for her. Fighting to return, she was ready to go again by the time the second Mae Young Classic came around in 2018. She fought in the tournament but sadly suffered a terrible knee injury in a quarter final match against Rhea Ripley. Taking a dive to the outside from inside the ring, Tegan landed on her knees and one of them more-or-less exploded. It was heartbreaking to see, and this four-part documentary from WWE goes into this injury, her rehab and her eventual return, all leading up to her current feud with storyline enemy and real-life buddy Dakota Kai.

It’s a smashing series of videos, which are available to watch on WWE’s YouTube channel, and hearing Tegan as well as her friends and peers, like Candice LaRae, Kai, Ripley, Shayna Baszler and others, about the injury and the mental slump it left her in is enlightening. I’ve been a fan of Nox for a good while, enjoying her run on the UK scene and enjoying seeing her in WWE too. She hasn’t scratched the surface yet in WWE and the sky is the limit for her if she’s able to stay healthy and get some nice feuds and matches under her Captain Marvel shaped belt.

I think WWE could have made this four-part series into a bigger single documentary, but I still think they did a good job here. Seeing behind the scenes footage, sit-down interviews and in-ring clips all to tell the story of Tegan Nox, her serious injury and her focus to get back into the squared circle that she loves so much is inspiring. I hope, truly, that the girl with the shiniest wizard, Lady Kane herself, is able to take NXT and WWE by storm now that she’s back in the ring.

Tegan Nox: The Comeback – Parts 1-4 are available on WWE YouTube now.


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