11th Feb2020

Popular Casino Games You Should Try as a Beginner

by James Smith


Are you new in the gambling world? Casino gambling is a wide-open place, and you might find it hard to determine where to start. Fortunately, some casino games will help you by offering an easy entry point to the gambling world. These games are easy to start and deliver plenty of fun.

For betting lovers, casino online offers excellent betting opportunities. You can place your bet on various games such as football, netball, tennis, hockey, golf, roulette, card games, no deposit free spins casinos, among others. The following are some of the best games for gambling newbies:

Slot Machines

Slots are considered to be one of the simplest casino games. This game is played by choosing the spinning button and waiting for the reels to stop spinning to see the results. Nowadays, slots machines are more complex than the previous slots, which had three reels. For more betting bonuses and options, you should try the five-reeler slot.

Are you having trouble picking up a slot machine? Consult the help screen, and you will quickly pick up the slot machine without spending too much time. The help screen will also assist you in understanding bonuses offered, which are not usually fairly detailed.

Betting options are different from one game to another. Some slots will allow you to change the pay lines number, size of the coin, and amount of coins per line. Others, especially the land-based casino, will not allow changing any options.


Baccarat was once considered a game of elite and wealthy. But, in recent years, it has become accessible, thanks to the mini-baccarat, i.e., a table with seven seats.

How to Play Baccarat

It is a straightforward game. To start, you need to know about all the available wagers- banker, tie bets, and player. The following is an overview of each possible wager:

  • Tie – betting that both bankers and player’s scores will tie
  • Banker – betting that the banker’s score will beat the player’s score
  • Player – betting that the player’s score will beat the banker’s score

For strategy purposes, go with the banker option, although a 5% commission will be taken from the prize, this bet offers the lowest house edge at 1.06%. The winning score is the one that is closer to nine.


This game offers the most straightforward options in the gambling world. You just bet on a number or a wheel section and wait results determined by the spinning wheels.

The only challenge in playing this game is to figure out the board, a grid that can be either American (38) or European roulette (37 numbers). Bets are placed on single numbers, lines’ intersection, boxes outside the grid, or end of numbered row.

You should understand why you are placing chips in certain sections, as this will determine your exact options. For this game, no much time is needed to understand the board. To understand the board quickly, you can play online for free.

Online Casino Scratch Cards

Are you familiar with scratch cards sold in a convenience store? You scratch the covered section to find out if you have won a prize. Scratch cards work the same as those sold in stores, but the only difference is that you can’t hold the cards physically. Instead, the opaque section is selected using a mouse or a finger, depending on your device. An animation of a coin scratching the card is displayed revealing whether you have earned a payout or not.


Although Keno is not popular today as it used to be a decade ago, it still has a place in most land-based casinos. It is because keno is one of the simplest casino games as you are just required to choose numbers on a card,

In this game, you are given a chance to choose up to 20 numbers, and they range from 1 to 80. The amount you choose will determine the probability of you winning and possible prize money. After you are done picking your numbers, submit your card and wait for the drawing. The machine will select the winning numbers, but the evaluation of the card will be done afterward.

Keno is an exciting game that gives you some control over your results through selecting numbers. It is a random game that is very simple to play.


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