04th Feb2020

‘Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor – Year 2 #2’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Jody Houser | Art by Roberta Ingranata | Published by Titan Comics


Last issue was a fantastic start to Year 2 of The Thirteenth Doctor. Partly because Jody Houser writes a blindingly good Thirteen, partly because David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor appeared and still steals every scene he is in, and partly because the story threaded through one of the TV episodes. Actually, lets add the fact it featured The Weeping Angels, which is never a bad thing. An absolute embarrassment of riches for any self respecting Who fan. The cherry on top though is that as Houser deftly weaves between the paradox of having two Doctors in the same place and time, she is spinning her own original story, one that involves some mysterious third party interacting at the same place and time. You only thought you knew the whole story sucker.

The Doctor can’t quite understand why the TARDIS has risked a paradox by bringing her here at the same time her previous self is running around, in 1969 London. Sure, some people are mysteriously going missing but, hey, when aren’t they? Speaking of missing people, Martha Jones, companion to the Tenth Doctor but currently working as a shop assistant due to being trapped there, has turned up to work to find her shop surrounded by police and her colleague, Janice, missing. Martha, though, spots The Doctor hiding over the road and confronts her, not knowing who she is of course. Maybe now is the time for our Doctor to let on just who she is. Oh, and did those mannequins in the window really just move? hmmm.

The Fam meanwhile have been secretly watching The Tenth Doctor, still amazed that their Doctor was once this Doctor. He seems a tad eccentric to them, which is saying something. His cobbled together timey-wimey machine seems to have found something to track, which is a bit worrying as if he finds our Doctor’s TARDIS that would cause all sorts of paradoxes. Off he goes. Our Doctor is off telling Martha she was once her Doctor, which is a tad mind-bending what with the gender change and all. Martha though seems less surprised by that than the fact she is no longer travelling with The Doctor. She knows it will all end at some point. The Fam may well have that same thought at some point, though for now their main priority is stopping Ten finding Thirteen’s TARDIS. Yaz jumps in, confronts The Doctor, and claims to be from the Time Agency. Probationer. Yep, he’s not buying that. What he is buying, is the threat from the Weeping Angel that has appeared from nowhere. Well that’s not good.

Another fine issue. The storyline is unfolding nicely, with the nice interweaving of the new story with that of the TV episode ‘Blink’. Apart from the setting, the TV episode was barely referenced this time round, with the main focus being on the fun of the two Doctor’s meeting each other’s companion/ companions. Will Jody Houser have the actual Doctor’s meet? Let’s hope. Everything chugged along nicely, Houser being the Master, ahem, of writing nice character interaction as well as a solid yarn. Here, she’s done good yet again. The art by Ingranata, as you would expect, was as solid as you could wish for, and she does draw a nice likeness. Not a bad one to be had. I can’t think of a single negative with this storyline, or this issue in particular. Maybe lacking a little flair, if I’m being super harsh, but what there is, is enough for me.

So, two Doctor’s, four companions, one menacing Weeping Angel, and who knows how many mystery foes (well I’ve guessed who they are, have you?).

Looking forward to a great third issue.

**** 4/5

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor – Year 2 #2 is released on February 5th courtesy of Titan Comics.


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