03rd Feb2020

Interview: Clive Frayne on his book ‘The Process (Of Screenwriting)’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks with screenwriter Clive Frayne about his book The Process (Of Screenwriting) and his writer development scheme The Process – Script Development Program 2020.


This book teaches a method called process-driven screenwriting. The process is a series of planning steps we take before writing our script. This process works for any kind of movie. It works for Hollywood Blockbusters or experimental art-house films. As long as our intention is to create drama, the process will help us write better scripts. This book doesn’t offer a formula or plot-template. Instead, it helps screenwriters find a writing technique that works for them. At the heart of this book is a simple idea… dogma is the enemy of creativity. This book contains a set of practical tools. Tools designed to help writers create drama and to craft great cinematic stories. This is also a book that explores the ideas behind drama, story and what it means to write cinema. Although the tools in this book are simple, the conversation about how we write movie scripts isn’t. I have not separated the conversation about writing from the discussion about the tools. That’s because the two things are connected. We need tools like this because writing cinematic drama is complicated. It’s not possible to separate the process from the challenges of screenwriting.

The Process (Of Screenwriting) is out now in paperback and kindle versions clivefrayne.co.uk/books/

The closing date for the script development program is 20 February 2020. Apply here: clivefrayne.co.uk/script-development-2020/


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