02nd Feb2020

‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ Retrospective

by ApolloXL5


If you’re somewhat of a cinema buff and love watching TV shows, love Netflix, HBO, and so on, chances are you’ve already heard of The Witcher. While it receives some mixed reviews and plenty of people kept comparing it to Game of Thrones, season one wrapped up quite nicely and season two is already in production. Also, there are plenty of indications there will be many more seasons which is always good to hear considering Netflix has a thing where they love to cancel the show after one or two seasons without giving much explanation.

However, it is far more likely that you’ve heard of The Witcher much before the show was even announced. One portion of people had read the books and was looking forward to their screen adaptation but another, massive group of passionate followers came from the world of video gaming. Those who spend most of their free time playing the best free games are probably familiar with the whole Witcher trilogy. The first game came out all the way back in 2007, simply named, The Witcher. Now, I won’t go around recommending people to go and play it because, even though it offers an incredible experience, it is quite outdated and, those who are used to modern games will find its graphics, gameplay, and mechanics lacking.

The second game in the series, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and especially its remastered version, on the other hand, already offer much more and will keep all but most demanding gamers incredibly satisfied. Considering this article is aimed towards convincing you to play the final game, playing the second one carries over some of your choices and gives you a deeper introduction to the characters. You’ll still find yourself baffled when something from the first one comes into play in the last game but that’s the sacrifice you have to take for playing a trilogy and skipping parts.


Regardless of all that, even if you have no idea what The Witcher is about, I’d recommend everyone to get on it and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When I say that I actually mean it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is far more than just one of the best top games ever made (after all, Game of Year and plenty of other awards don’t lie). Graphics are still incredible, five years in. The story is, simply put, amazing. There’s so much to do and every choice you make can have a massive impact on the outcome. There are vast areas to explore, more enemies than one can count, all of which are different and unique in their own way. The gameplay is dynamic. You go from intense sword clashing and casting spells to solving puzzles, seducing ladies, attending parties, horseracing, tournament fighting, saving the world… you name it. Even music is on a whole different level. And all of that is without mentioning two DLCs that you get for free and are as good as the original game itself.

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