31st Jan2020

‘X-Wing 2.0: Tie/ln Interceptor & Tie/D Defender Expansion’ Review

by Matthew Smail


The Tie/D Defender inserts itself into the Imperial Fleet as one of the largest, most impressive and sadly, most expensive ships among the Tie Fighter range, whilst the Tie/In Interceptor offers a lower cost and less technically advanced option that has the option of an initiative six pilot at just over 50 points. Whilst the Defender is strong enough to stand in a list alongside other large individual craft, the Interceptor remains fragile but highly manoeuvrable and powerful when firing, making it ideal for a swarm tactic.

Both new Tie Fighters subscribe to the same ethos as most of the others in the range – these ships are fast, fairly manoeuvrable and have access to some excellent advanced weapons cards. Both are also fun to fly, since like most other Imperial ships, they have access to very competent pilots. I enjoyed running the Defender alongside a couple of other advanced Tie and Tie Striker style ships that each had their own individual strengths, as well as excellent pilots.

Whilst the Interceptor can run in a similar setup (and will likely allow the player to squeeze an extra ship into their list) it works best with several nearly identical Tie Fighters that can match it for pace and one or two named pilots that allow Swarm Tactics to be taken advantage of. One key benefit of the Interceptor over other Tie’s is its three attack dice, which can be used to great effect with an initiative six pilot like Soontir Fel. The Interceptor has no shields and only three hull, however, so you can expect to lose one quickly if an enemy gets a target lock or a clear shot.

Of the two ships, the Defender feels the more unique in that it breaks the normal Tie Fighter mould a little more thanks to the really wide variety of equipment that it can take, and its overall offensive and defensive capabilities. It’s cost, however, can make it tough to swallow, whilst the Interceptor comes in cheaper (albeit only when equipped with an interior pilot and a lot less equipment.) Two different ships for two different purposes, X-Wing 2.0 players are now even more spoiled for choice than they were before!


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