30th Jan2020

WWE Network Original Review: The Bump (Jan 29th 2020)

by Chris Cummings


The Bump is a solid show that has only grown since it began a few months back. The studio chat-show has found its feet and become a really enjoyable way for WWE to make announcements, interview talent and deliver news to WWE fans.

The hosts, lead by Kayla Braxton, have a nice rapport, and though I’ve been a fan since it began, I’m definitely still on board with the show and enjoy each episode. This week is a blockbuster show, with a runtime of 90 minutes.

The studio welcomes some in-studio guests again, with the (SPOILER ALERT) winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre and WWE Hall of Famer, Bubba Ray Dudley joining the crew on the hot seat. Drew discusses his Rumble victory as well as his career, and it’s cool to see the veteran Scot show such passion and excitement for his big-win and the potential to headline WrestleMania this year. Bubba Dudley talks about the Royal Rumble itself, providing some fun opinions on the matches and the people involved in them. It’s cool to see a show not stick entirely to kayfabe and allow the performers to express opinion that doesn’t feel fabricated or produced.

We also get an out-of-studio, on-screen interview with the Bro-serweights, Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle, who are on the show to hype their Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals encounter with The Grizzled Young Veterans for this week’s NXT. The two have a chemistry and I like the blend of Dunne’s genuine straight-faced dryness and Riddle’s charismatic weirdness. It’s fresh and cool.

The Bump is a really solid show that has taken an idea and ran with it. It’s fun, silly, entertaining and offers news blasts and insights that are unique. I look forward to this program continuing. The interviews are always a nice watch.

The Bump is available to watch now on WWE’s YouTube Channel and the WWE Network.


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