30th Jan2020

Nicolas Cage Appreciation Society: Valley Girl (1983)

by Kevin Haldon

Our last stop on our Cage-a-Thon was Grand Isle a psychological thriller with our Lord and Saviour alongside Kelsey Grammer for the first time in his 103 movie credited career. Now it was time to go back to beginning for the first proper big leading man role this hard working sumbitch would tackle. We did the TV Pilot then we watched the entirety of Fast Times so we could catch his 20 second cameo but now its time to see the movie where Nicolas Coppola became Nicolas Cage… No literally it was for this movie he changed his last name to Cage and would drop his famously connected last name for the purpose of making a career on his own merits. Lets see what happened here with 1983’s Valley Girl.

Valley Girl


Director: Martha Coolidge | Writers: Andrew Lane, Wayne Crawford
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Elizabeth Daily

Its the age old tale of a Guy who is into Punk way to much from the wrong side of town Randy (Nicolas Cage), finds himself at a down in the valley house party with the well to do folks and meets Julie (Deborah Foreman). They are instantly attracted to each other however her social circle of friends cant allow her to be with Randy. What will Julie do with their two worlds colliding in this about as 80s as it gets Romantic drama… Tell you what though try making this movie now!

Geez… I really don’t have a whole deal to say about the flick if I am going to be honest with you. From the stand point of one Nicolas Cage this was an ideal project for him. He gets to be the leading man and showcase his smoulder but at the same time he is the relatable misunderstood bad boy so gets to be “Edgy”. Having said that this movie couldn’t be more 80s if it tried… Pretty kick ass soundtrack (songs you know), very basic script as you can see above and most of the women excluding our leading lady are pretty much objectified and put into scenes where stripping off is going to be required. I get it, the movie is another coming of age (of sorts) high school thing and we were all horny little bastards at this point but watching a movie made in the 80s compared to today well… When I say this movie is of its time that is exactly what I mean.

Yeah everyone is great, Nic, Deborah and all the supporters too, cant make any real complaints here. Its an easy watch pretty quick too but I mean if you hadn’t seen the flick before now then unless your on some mad completionist mission to watch an actors entire back catalogue, you probably wont see it.

How was our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage???

There are some definte signs of the leading man he was about to become, the bankable star that would churn out hit after hit for the next few decades but not overly much to stretch his range as yet.


Bit of a sad one for you here but interesting nonetheless… The club scenes where Randy takes Julie were filmed in a sunset strip club originally named Filthy McNasty’s in the 1960s and ’70s. In the ’80s it was called ‘The Central’, which was later purchased by Johnny Depp and is now known as The Viper Room, where River Phoenix infamously died on Halloween, 1993.


You know what I am going to stay in 1983, for a movie that I have always been slightly ashamed to have never seen. I have heard amazing things about the stellar cast and the engaging story. Up next we will be going into the Francis Ford Coppola flick Rumble Fish.


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