29th Jan2020

‘X-Wing 2.0: RZ-1 A-Wing Expansion’ Review

by Matthew Smail


Whilst I am not a massive fan of Rebel Alliance lists myself, I do have a few friends who swear by the use of swarm tactics based on popular and iconic ships belonging to Leia Organa’s misfit band of good guys. One ship that was previously printed for X-Wing and now returns to X-Wing 2.0 is the highly manoeuvrable RZ-1 A-Wing, which not only comes with a number of highly evasive moves on its dial, but also the ability to perform a red left, right or straight forward manoeuvre after it’s action.

The cost of being so flexible in battle comes in the available pilots and the lack of offensive and defensive capabilities on the basic ship. With just two forward attack dice and a mere two hull and shield value, A-Wing’s that find themselves in the crosshairs of other ships will succumb quickly. The best pilot is Jake Farrell, who is the only initiative four pilot available, whilst Arvel Crynyd and Green Squadron Pilot (s) come with just three. A Phoenix Squadron pilot can bring an A-Wing to the fight for just 30 points, albeit with only one initiative.

Of course, by using a better pilot with Swarm Tactics, it could be possible to field at least five of the lower cost A-Wings, each of which can also bring one of several missiles and two talents. When equipping an A-Wing, the popular choice is often to accentuate the inherent capabilities of the craft by adding Daredevil, Outmaneuver or Juke – choices that either enable or enhance the A-Wing’s ability to dart art the battlefield effortlessly.

To make the most of the A-Wing, a swarm is likely to be needed, although it might be possible to make a list of larger ships and use the cheap A-Wing to simply draw some fire and score the occasional hit. For 36 points and thanks to his ability to enable nearby ships to perform free focus actions, I think Farell is the individual pilot of choice, but Arvel’s ability allows her to fire at range 0, which can be powerful with a couple of the related traits on board. Either way, this iconic ship looks lovely with it’s new paint job, and it’s certainly a necessary addition to the X-Wing 2.0 ranks.


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