28th Jan2020

Interview: Wendy Mitchell on her book ‘Citizen Canine’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest podcast/interview, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright talks to film journalist, moderator, festival consultant Wendy Mitchell about her new book Citizen Canine: Dogs In The Movies


Citizen Canine is out 10 February 2020. Pre-order your copy on Amazon here. On 16th February 2020, Wendy will be talking about Citizen Canine as part of #Dog-Friendly Cinema at Picturehouse Central. For more details click here.

This charming and adorable collection of the best cinematic dogs is sure to delight dog lovers and moviegoers alike. The Citizen Canine pack includes sixty of the bravest, cutest and furriest pooches ever to grace the silver screen. From top-billed hounds like Lassie and Benji to comedic scene-stealers like Asta from Bringing Up Baby and Puffy from There’s Something About Mary, all your favourite furry friends are here. Whether you have a canine companion or just wish you did, Citizen Canine is your perfect guide to dogs, movies and the magical moments when they come together.



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