27th Jan2020

‘X-Wing 2.0: Hounds Tooth Expansion’ Review

by Matthew Smail


As a fan of Scum and Villainy lists in X-Wing 2.0 and as someone with no history of the original X-Wing, I am often excited to by the sheer weirdness of the new ships that this faction offers. I generally field squadrons of large ships with a lot of strange attachments including the YT-300 Light Freighter with it’s escape craft and the Slave 1 with it’s unique ability to shoot both forwards and backwards.

The new Hounds Tooth ship (based on the YV-666 Light Freighter) is another ship that fits this brief perfectly. Familiar to fans of the Star Wars lore as the ship of bounty hunter Bossk, the Hounds Tooth has a formidable nine hull and three shields, whilst also firing with three dice on a 180 degree forward arc. Particularly pleasing to me is that with the “Hounds Tooth” title card, the ship can house a Z-95-AF4 starfighter upon destruction, and this may include a configuration that passes the pilot benefits from the destroyed Hounds Tooth to the Z-95.

Whilst this benefit is identical in practice to that of the YT-300 Light Freighter when it launches it’s escape pod, the Z-95 is a much more powerful combatant, with high manoeuvrability, two hull and two shields, plus two forward facing attack dice. Another benefit of the YV-666 in any configuration is its ability to onboard two crew and a large number of modifications, many of which can still be accommodated for less than one hundred points.

As always, I don’t know how competitive the Hounds Tooth will be in tournament play, but for fun at the kitchen table, I love it. My Scum list now includes the Hounds Tooth, the Slave 1 and the Millennium Falcon (with two escape craft waiting in the wings.) For the Hounds Tooth, Bossk is a highly effective combatant who can convert one critical hit into two regular hits (for the purpose of ripping hull or shields to shreds) whilst Moralo Eval can flee the battlefield only to return next turn, assuming he has charge tokens remaining.

Bossk combines particularly well with copilots and crew that can enable him to roll more critical hits (which he then converts into double regular damage) whilst Moralo is an elusive combatant who can steam directly through enemy lines only to return with the correct facing to do it all over again. Both combine well with the nature of the YV-666, thanks to its wide firing arc and ability to take onboard a lot of equipment, weaponry and supporting crew.

Between the YV-666 and the Z-95, the Hounds Tooth expansion offers a great looking pair of ships that I feel combines well with existing Scum lists if you want either one or several larger ships. I haven’t ran a smaller ship list, but I would imagine that the Hounds Tooth would be an interesting bulldozer alongside a small squadron of Fang Fighters or additional Z-95 Headhunters. Personally, it’s a ship that I’ve enjoyed playing with, and as always, I look forward to seeing what other bizarre Scum ships FFG has to offer.


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