27th Jan2020

The 5 Most Common Betting Mistakes

by James Smith

We all have had that feeling “why didn’t I quite earlier?” or “why did I place that stupid bet?”. To help you avoid those types of mistakes we have compiled a list of the most costly mistakes people make when they are sports betting. And they are as true for any traditional bets as they are for esports betting.


Betting while drunk

This is probably one of the costliest mistakes bettors make. You just take way too many risks and you are not thinking clearly at all. You forget every fact you know and just bet entirely on feelings. “This bet is a sure thing, 100%! (my beer told me).” While it might seem more fun, try to place all your bets before you start drinking.

Betting to make up for a loss

You have just lost way too much money and want to make it back. This is the quickest way to bankrupt yourself. “I have to find something with really high odds.” You forget what a good bet is supposed to look like and are only looking for the biggest payout. For many this is a warning sign that should not be ignored.

Betting when angry

Another state when you are not thinking clearly. It is a bit harder to spot but can be just as detrimental to your oversight. Sometimes it’s set of by other things in your life, sometimes it’s your team losing, or your bet failing in overtime. “What the hell, I’ll just lose the rest and be finished with this once and for all.” Whatever the reason, you should avoid betting. You will make a lot of the same mistakes as when trying to make up for a loss.

Betting money you can’t afford to lose

This is the worst one on the list, and if you have done this you should seek help. A golden rule to follow when betting is only play with money you are prepared to lose. “Oh my god, please please this bet REALLY has to win.” If there was such a thing as a sure thing, there would be a lot less betting sites out there.

Betting on your favorite team

This one is actually a bit debatable. Mostly because this is probably the team you have to most information about. But you still will have trouble removing your emotions from “I’ll be so happy if they win.” And this is so true, so we will leave it up to you, but from a purely statistical standpoint you will probably be tricked by your wish for the team to win to place bad bets quite a lot.

But for some of us it’s a price we are willing to pay.

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