21st Jan2020

Valentine’s Gifts a Gamer will Love

by James Smith

There’s no competing with your Valentine’s love for gaming, so choose a gift that shows your support for his other passion, besides you. Whilst most core or hardcore gamers are men, women are not too far behind, so these are gifts that are not gender-specific. The gifts are practical, possibly surprising and could be combined with a vacation.

Upgraded Accessories

Gaming hardware can get heavy use, and with advances in technology, now may be the best time to upgrade these accessories:


Screen Monitor

Show your Valentine just how much you love them, with an upgrade to their gaming accessories. Look for a gaming monitor that has the screen size, panel technology and features that your beloved will love, including a refresh rate of more than 60Hz, multiple digital video inputs, a USB hub and an adjustable stand. If you want the very best big-screen experience, choose an ultra-wide monitor with a curved panel.

Gaming Mouse

Picking a gaming mouse is personal, since everyone’s hands are different, and different games make one mouse better than another. Yet the competition for gaming mice is high, so there are plenty of choices on the market. Take a trip out to the store together to find the perfect match for your partner and follow this with a romantic meal.


A new gaming headset will deliver improved sound quality to allow full immersion into the game. An integrated microphone adds a new level of interaction, linking to opponents. The best headset depends on the gamer, with those for competitive console gamers being different for Esports Players or shooter fans.

Valentine’s Day Roses

If you want to incorporate Roses into your Valentine’s Day, consider tickets to the annual Roses Tournament, an annual sports and esports competition between Lancaster University and the University of York in England, which takes place in May. Alternatively, a rose that lasts a lifetime will be a reminder of your love on a daily basis. Roses are romantic gifts for men as well as women. Choose a rose dipped in silver, gold or platinum, which will make a public announcement of your love and appreciation. Alternatively, consider a pack of gold-plated poker cards for a gift with a difference.

Subscription to Video Game Entertainment and News Network

Your sweetheart may already have a subscription to ESPN, Disney and ABC family of networks on which to watch the Overwatch League broadcasts. Hardcore sports fans particularly like ESPN channels to watch the best in the world compete at a great game, or just to be entertained by the highest possible level of competition around a great game like Heroes of the Dorm collegiate competition, the Capcom Cup Street Fighter V finals, and the Evolution Fighting Game Championships.

There’s also a new gaming-focused TV network being launched in 2020 called VENN (short for Video Game Entertainment and News Network), which will bring under one roof a range of video game streaming as well as other gaming-related entertainment content, promising 55 hours of original programming per week at launch from some of the biggest names and creators in gaming, entertainment, streaming, and esports.

Look the Part

Look the part with Esports attire from a Custom Panik Gaming Premium Label Performance Zip Up Track Jacket to the apt Valentine’s Day gift, Mercanthony Icon Heart Athletic Shorts, treat your Valentine with apparel from any of the sportswear brands that have teamed up with Esports teams, like the FaZe Clan with Italian sportswear brand Kappa and their upcoming 13-piece collection including a jersey, T-shirt, track jackets and trousers plus accessories for a retro look.

Esports Arenas


Arrange a vacation in Philadelphia, USA in September as your Valentine’s Day gift so that you can visit Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, which will launch as the home of the first public esports space in a pro stadium in the US. The facility will host competitive gaming tournaments and special events professional-grade PC and console gaming stations where players of all skill levels are invited to participate. There are many similar facilities being opened around the world, so you may find somewhere local where you will be welcomed to dedicated gaming events held on off days.


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