13th Jan2020

Online gambling games tips and tricks

by James Smith

It is unfair to say that you are at an advantage when gambling but there are things you can do to swing the odds more favourably. When people going to casinos, they can try all sorts of tricks which can include card counting at games such as blackjack. This is clearly not allowed and there are cameras and managers everywhere watching peoples gambling patterns and if there is anything, they spot that is out of the norm, they will challenge the person (and potentially ban). There are tips and tricks that you can use to improve your online gambling game. Find out more here in this article.

Welcome Offers

If you have not yet joined an online casino or slots site, then you literally have thousands to choose from. If you search online, you will be overwhelmed with the choices that you have, and this brings an advantage to you. As the online gambling sites are looking to entice people to join their site, not only do they need to spend a lot on marketing to make sure that they are well-known but they need to also ensure that they have competitive sign-up offers that will want players to join their site. Welcome offers come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that you do not just jump into the first one that you see. If there are ones that offer substantial bonuses, it is best to read the smallprint in the terms and conditions first to see if there is anything that is of concern.

Usually, you will find that there is a percentage match on your first deposit. An example of this is a 200% match. There is usually a minimum and maximum amount that you can deposit in order to have this credited. As an example, if you deposit £10 and there is a 200% match, you will receive £20 free giving you £30 in your account to use on games. There may be specific restrictions on how you use this bonus, but it can likely be used on games and slots. When spending the money from your account, the site will always eat into your own money in advance. In addition, if you do manage to win money from the bonus cash (or your own money) and you go to make a withdrawal, usually the site will remove any of the bonus money that is remaining.

Receiving the most rewarding welcome offer in terms of bonuses, can therefore prove to be really rewarding and could even potentially tip the odds of coming out with more money than you initially deposited. You can read more on this in this guide how to win at online slots.


VIP Programs

Another way to get some freebies on a casino site is to become a loyal player or customer. If you are playing at land casinos you will notice that they will encourage you to present your card to them when you are at the table or to place it in the machine when you are playing slots. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is so that the casino can monitor your play. They always like to know how much their customers are spending and on what. The other reason is so that they can reward their loyal players and welcome them back for more. This is like online play. The casino or slot site will know exactly what you are spending and for being a loyal player who returns and wagers regularly they will give you some perks (if they have a VIP program that you can participate in). These freebies can include things such as cashback on your losses, free spins, free bonus cash or even some real life presents gifted to you. People think that players need to spend thousands of pounds every month in order to see any of these benefits but that is not the case. The spending does not need to be significant and you will find that some of the casino or slot sites will advertise the points required for each stage of their loyalty stage in order to be transparent. This means that it does not really benefit a player to be jumping about sites but to remain loyal to one specific site where they can build up a relationship and start to earn some freebies. Again, some of these freebies can tip the odds more on your side.

Re-Deposit Codes

Re-deposit bonus codes used to be a very common thing on the web but now they are not published as often as they used to. As such, when you do get your hands on one it is important to understand it and consider using it as it is another good way of getting the odds on your side. Bonus codes for sites will be communicated in many ways which include; published on the site promotions page, emailed out to players or even advertised on social media. To align with these three methods it is important that you check out the promotions page in advance of any re-deposit, ensure your emails are set up to allow communications from this site (and they don’t end up in your spam) but also connect with the site via social media and keep tabs on the things they are posting. The re-deposit codes will vary in size and award but normally these will be free slot spins or bonus cash. Usually, you will find that there is a specific code you need to enter in the account section when making the deposit. If you do not enter this code exactly as it is advertised, then the freebie will not be credited, and you will lose out.


Gambling is exactly what it says on the tin and the odds from the casino and slot games are well advertised and always in favour of the dealer or slot game. There are things though through online play that can help you get more for your money which we have detailed above.

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