11th Jan2020

The Best Phone Networks in New Zealand for Online Gaming

by James Smith


Good communication is one of the features of a good business. New Zealand’s phone network has greatly helped the country meet several of its business goals. The country’s network has three main providers companies who work through 24 hours ensuring that you have a reliable and fast network.

Spark, Vodafone, and 2Degrees are the mail cellphone company operators who have thrived in the New Zealand Network. Services like online gambling entirely require that you have strong and good Internet connections where you can easily manage the different tasks at ago making it cost-effective.

Importance of Good Internet Connections for Mobile Gambling

A fast, strong and reliable network is key to anyone relying on the Internet for any kind of service. Some services like gambling shall require a web network that is fast and reliable which are the features of a good network connection. Apart from that, the network coverage is equally a feature of a nice network, this will enable the gambling companies reach a wider market offering gambling services and products.

A good Internet connection is vital for any punter as its key in saving time hence reducing the chances of problem gambling. A good network is important in eliminating delays for Kiwis when making online deposits at pay by phone casinos which could be a real problem if the network is in a bad state. Delays as a result of poor network could be a real problem to the gamblers which can equally expose the punters to criminal hackers who can rob a client funds from his or her account.

This tells that it is much safer to work on a good network compared to a poor one which is vulnerable to many risks associated with technology.

Best Phone Networks for Kiwis


New Zealand has three main phone operators who have enabled the communication among citizens and run smoothly and in a faster manner. The operators who offer different network coverage and speed offer reliable network solutions to many across the country. The features of the best providers are well elaborated in the text below.


The Spark network is among the strongest networks in the New Zealand providing limitless solutions to communication problems in the country. The network that has been designed to use a few of the common technologies among them is the UMTS, HSDPA and LTE technologies. The network coverage of this form of network is 98.5% of places where Kiwi works and plays with a faster network speed due to the new XT-4G network.


This is yet another stronger network compared to the 2Degrees network which has not yet developed fully to its level. The network also has smaller operators who rely on them just like the Spark and the 2 Degrees do. The operators have been identified to use the GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and LTE technologies which are widely used in the entire country.

Vodafone who are well-known for their network coverage with a good number of LTE-A sites and 28 sites of 4G Band and coverage of 98.5% of the New Zealand population.


The 2Degrees network has as well served a good population of the New Zealanders providing communication solutions of a varied nature. The operator supports a variety of technologies depending on your needs, we have the GSM, UMTS and LTE technologies which are readily optimized to serve your never ending needs.

Though not as fast as the previous two the network offers a reliable 4G network that has seen to support many in the country. The network coverage of this network covers 98.5% of places where kiwi work and play.


With the ever rising demand of technology, it’s essential to have a strong network for faster mobile gambling that can enable you to handle a variety of transactions in a safe and secure manner. Gambling related activities are good examples of activities that generate income and entirely rely on a good network connection.

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