09th Jan2020

‘RIng of Honor’ Wrestling Review (Jan 5th 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Greta Thunberg is famous. I didn’t know why until this morning. Why did people allow her to become the spokesman for climate change? There are plenty of less-arrogant people who have fought much harder than her to make progress and are never given the spot-light to say a damn thing. I know. This s— happens all the time. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. In any case, I feel a bit rusty, so…


Match #1: Dak Draper def. Shaheem Ali

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Ali seized the advantage with a flurry of offense, including a running dropkick in the corner and a Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Draper answered with a springboard back elbow before landing the Magnum KO for the win.

My Opinion: 2.6 out of 5 – These guys had a little bounce in their step that I really liked. As a matter of fact, that’s the way this match was the whole time. Dak was the more polished of the two, which is a d—-head way of saying that Dak is a little better. Ali is quite talented though and did good for his part of the match. With a nice pace and some life to it, this was a fun opener that kept me from wanting to change the channel.

Match #2: (Main Event) Villain Enterprises (ROH World Champion PCO and Marty Scurll) def. Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Cobb and Maff, who were opponents at Final Battle two days earlier, made an impressive team, but they had a few miscommunications during this bout and ultimately came up short against two-thirds of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Scurll scored the win for his team after slipping out of Maff’s attempt at a Burning Hammer and pinning him with an inside cradle.

My Opinion: 3.4 out of 5 – This was a fun way to watch an old man squash a slightly older man with his ass. My balls hurt after watching this. PCO is crazy. Maff is just about as crazy. Scurll and Cobb are talented. I’M SUPERRRRRRRRR! THANKS FOR ASKINGGGGGGGG! This match was, altogether, a pretty solid brawl with where every-body looked good, even when the match wasn’t necessarily great. I saw PCO do a dive back-first and I wished that R. Kelly had been standing where PCO landed. Over-all, this was a pretty cool main event that was about what people normally expect from free TV main events.

News Of The Night:

  1. RUSH created a faction called La Facción Ingobernable, (Dragon Lee, Kenny King and Amy Rose).
  2. Silas Young and Josh Woods challenge PJ Black to mentor Bjo Mecca.

Final Verdict: 3/5

This was a decent show that had a good main event that was actually on time for a change, rather than from being at a show from two months prior.


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