08th Jan2020

Wolverine Wednesday #31

by Ian Wells


Happy New Year to you all. The year is 2020 and Wolverine is back among the living. Technically he returned to the Marvel Universe last year after the events of Wolverine Returns before joing Cyclops in the pages of Matthew Rosenbergs’ Uncanny X-Men. Check out Wolverine Wednesday #23 for a full wrap up of my thoughts on Wolverine The Return and Wolverine Wednesday #25 for his appearances in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. In a nutshell I thought the two stories didn’t gel together and The Return was largely a misstep. dispite it being the sole vision of Charles Soule it felt like it could have been a whole lot more. Jonathan Hickmans’ insistence that he persoanlly relaunch the entire X-line led to further contradiction as to how Wolverine came to be back with us. I stayed well clear of both Powers of X and House of X and have continued to be well behind on the events of the aforementioned line wide relaunch.

In February we are getting a new Wolverine ongoing series, his first since 2014! The series will be penned by Benjamin Percy with art by Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdanovic. With the creative talent invovled I am confident for a strong first issue. Percy is currently writing X-Force and that comes with the caveat that he has said at times the two series will dive tail, hopefully not too much! He also scripted the two Wolverine podcasts The Long Night and The Lost Trail so he has had his foot in Wolverine territory for some time. On art the legendary Adam Kubert is no stranger to Wolverine and the world of the X-Men. My gut tells me he will only be around for the opening arc and his name recognition is being used to sell issues. But Bogdanovic is a very talented artist in his own right so there are no major concerns if he finds himself on sole art duty going forward. Issue one is 72 pages and I have read it is two seperate stories, it seems likely they are pencilling a story each. The solicitation for the first issue comes with the tease of Omega Red, so they are going big from the jump.

My only takeaway from the new X-Men status quo is that they are living on Krakoa. Obviously the new Wolverine series will take its cues from this (God I really hope there arent any of those info grpahic pages) and as mentioned there will be subsequent X-Force tie-ins. My feeling is that the series will follow the Hickman relaunch for two maybe three story arcs before reverting to everything that makes a good Wolverine series. One major negative against the series already is that the classic Wolverine font has been ditched in favour of something more inline with Hickmans’ reboot. The Wolverine font is iconic! As everyone seems to start the new year with a list here are a few things I want to see in the new Wolverine ongoing;

  • Dip into the rogues gallery. Wolverine has an eclectic rogues gallery, maybe not on a par with say Batman or Spider-Man but it is a strong one none the less. Right off the bat we are getting Omega Red. Sabertooth is blood thirsty again so lets see them go toe-to-toe. Bloodscream, Wendigo, Mr X, Albert and Elsie Dee lets see them all!
  • Globe trotting action. Krakoa Island, New York, Canada, Madripoor, The Savage Land Wolverine can have stories in all of them. Being the best there is at what he does he can tackle any terrain be it mountains, jungles, underwater or desert nothing is beyond his skill set.
  • Revisit Weapon X. On a personal level I feel Weapon X is still to this day a road worth retreading if the story is good. I never get bored of a good old Weapon x conspiracy, I would love if Percy isn’t afrid to tread this ground.
  • Give us some romance. Admittedly Wolverine is portrayed as a lady killer but wouldn’t it be better if he picked someone and stuck with them. Having a steady relationship makes for a good continuous thread for an ongoing series. I wouldn’t like to make any suggestions as to who it might be but one stumbling block may be the recent tease of an open realtionship with Jean and Scott.
  • Wolverine the father figure. Despite his grizzly personality Wolverine has always worked when mentoring other characters. Kitty and Jubilee being the most notable. In recent comics Glob Herman looked up to the time displaced Old Man Logan in the same way. It would be cool if this relationship could continue with the regular Wolverine.
  • Shorter story arcs. This is something that at the end of the day I want to see in all comics not just the new series. Unfortunately it is more likely that the higher up editors have sway over this decision as they believe in writing for trades. I would however like more 3 issue arcs with the occasional 6 issue arc. I’m not against two 3 issue arcs making a larger 6 issue arc if both caan be enjoyed as one arc as well.
  • Less cross overs and tie-ins. Again this is something that on a whole may be out of Percy’s hands. Obviously Wolverine and X-Force are both under his watch so there will be some cross over. I am not against this as long as both series remain accessible without having to read them both. Just some solid recapping will do the trick. I would prefer to see the solo series stay away from larger X-Men cross overs as he is in X-Men and X-Force. The same with larger Marvel Universe crossovers, his involvement can be handled in the pges of X-Men.

In the build up the new series hitting shelfs in February Marvel his going heavy with a bunch of comics in January and February to mark the occassion. There are facsimile editions of both Wolverine #1’s for his first mini series and his first ongoing from the 80’s. There is also Incredible Hulk #180 which is now recognised as Wolverine’s first official first appearance. Also there is a 3D reprint of Wolverine #10 admittedly this seems entirely unnessecary but yes I’m picking one up! Just need to find those 3D glasses now. One book I am looking forward to is the Ruins of Ravencroft: Sabertooth oneshot. Penned by one of my all time fave Wolverine writers Frank Tieri I should be a good read. Plus I love the cover of Sabertooth in the OG Wolverine constume with the whiskers. Lastly there is the Marvel Tales: Wolverine oneshot that reprints some classic Claremont/Cockrum X-Men issues. Again is has an awesome cover.


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