02nd Jan2020

Cable Guys: ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Cable Guys, from the folks at Exquisite Gaming, are 100% officially licensed phone and controller holders, available in two sizes: standard and XL, and come with a 2m cable for charging your device. They are the perfect addition to any gaming collection be it in the bedroom, office or lounge – and look great on their own or when holding your controller or mobile.

All Cable Guys products are compatible with Playstation controllers, Xbox controllers, most smartphones and even small tablets in some cases! We’ve previously unboxed a couple of Cable Guys products, which you can check out right here, but the folks at Exquisite Gaming sent over another figure/stand from their collection for us to check out – this time based on Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise.

Of course the real joy of these Cable Guy figurine/stands is the fact the look – for the most part – like statues and look great holding items or on there own. We’ve got a Crash Bandicoot XL  next to the TV at Nerdly HQ, holding a Steel Series Nimbus Apple TV controller and it looks perfectly at home there, as wwould this Buzz Lightyear figurine. In fact, like Crash, the bright colour scheme makes this an ideal display piece too.

In terms of build quality the Cable Guys Buzz Lightyear is a solidly made piece that is well sculpted, well painted and looks just like the character on which it’s based – right down to the very last detail. And like others in the Cable Guys range there’s zero chance of this figuirne/stand falling over, even with the hardest of knocks; as the base is incredibly solid, and provides the sturdiness you need to hold all your devices – just not all at once!

The supplied 2-metre charging cable – which can be either micro USB or USB-C depending on the model you buy (most Cable Guys figurines are available in both configursations) – should be long enough to reach any plug socket and can easily be looped through the legs or under the arms of any of the figurines and… if, like us, you’re displaying your figurine/stand near a TV you can even use the USB port on your TV to charge whatever device is being held at the time. Just be aware, the cable does NOT come with a plug but I’m sure – like everyone does – you’ll have a plethora of USB plugs hanging around at home!




The Cable Guy Buzz Lightyear costs £19.98 from Amazon


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