18th Dec2019

The Last Week In Wrestling #47 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Luke Skywalker was a jerk in The Last Jedi because Rian Johnson says that’s what we all paid for. Superman should always take the old lady crossing the road and toss her ass off a bridge. Why should Indiana Jones give a s— about history? Horatio Hornblower should just burn the house down. Casanova should take Zorro out and stab the towns-people! Then again, you could give people what they really want, which is good characters that are good because most people aren’t prone to throwing a big ol’ temper tantrum for reasons that are a mystery to themselves as well as every-body else. Did this last week in wrestling give us what we want, or is this just Jack Sparrow at an AA meeting?


Best Moment:

Larry D Got J-O-B (Impact Wrestling) – Larry D, who has done some nice work in the ring for Impact recently, got rewarded with a contract at the No Surrender show. It’s nice to see someone get work instead of get fired.

Best Promo:

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served…Family-Style (Major League Wrestling) – Yes, that’s a Simpsons joke…Simpsons did it! The Von Erichs swore revenge on Tom Lawlor for attacking and betraying them. That sure sounds like a good reason for revenge.

Best Speaker:

ODB (Impact Wrestling) – Hey, the woman had a lot of real heavy s— to say and managed to do so as if it was all a wrestling angle (some of it was). I’m glad to see her back in the swing of things.

Best Character:

Randy Orton (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Orton is feuding with three different people at the same time and managed to be interesting in each context. There are not too many people that could be intriguing enough to stretch out like this, but Orton is one of them.

Best Wrestler:

Michael Elgin (Impact Wrestling) – It was either him or Brian Cage. Elgin got it because his performances had more to them and were smarter.

Best Performance:

Dustin Rhodes (All Elite Wrestling) – Dustin took part in a great opener for Dynamite and was the high-light amongst a group of some of the best working today.

Best Move:

Octopus Stretch (World Wrestling Entertainment) – KUSHIDA yanked this sucker out of his bag of tricks and really threw Cameron Grimes for a loop.

Best Match:

Michael Elgin versus Brian Cage (Impact Wrestling) – This was some-thing else. It was every bit of what it should have been and more. There’s not much else these guys could have done to make this great. Hell, I might even re-rate this higher by the end of the year. This was a great match.

Best Card:

NXT (World Wrestling Entertainment) – While the matches were under-whelming, the card was fantastic on paper.

Best Show:

205 Live (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Hey, it’s back! Well, it was good this week. They did things the right way and now we have the best show of the week.

Best League:

Impact Wrestling – Impact had more to do this week and accomplished more in the wake of the busy schedule, whereas the WWE, who also had plenty to do, failed a lot more and looked more pathetic in their failure than Impact did.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

This was a pretty good week with some fantastic wrestling from several great athletes and some good performances a whole host of others.


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