16th Dec2019

Is it possible to earn a living by playing games?

by James Smith


If you’ve ever dreamed of being paid to play games as a kid, your dreams are not that far off now in our current digital age. Nowadays, it is certainly possible to earn a living just by playing games if you know what to do and how to approach this niche industry—you can potentially even earn big bucks if you are good at the games you play. From uploading and streaming, esports and competitive gaming, to online cash games, if you do the right research and are realistic in your expectations of earnings, you will find you can quite easily achieve your goals. But to help you get a head start here are some handy tips.

Let people watch you play: Upload and Stream

Youtube and Twitch are massive contenders in the online gaming industry as many people prefer to watch more experienced gamers do their thing. Everyone has heard of the big players DanTDM, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, who earn millions by uploading gaming content on Youtube, and they’re not the only ones – you can check out other top earners through this Business insider article. If you want a slice of this market you need to stay up to date with what games are popular in the moment and sell your personality. Al the top earners have a massive online following, marketing to younger audiences who are likely to play the games themselves.

Know your target market and you will succeed. If you are uploading chess videos, be aware that you are likely going to have a majoritively mature audience. If you are playing Minecraft know that it will be vice versa. Then tailor your videos or online personality to match this. Don’t go swearing and talking about drinking if your audience are kids – this is a quick way for parents to stop the kids from watching you. Streamers on Twitch need to give incentives for their audience to tip and donate to them, try to set goals that your audience can rally around. For example, if you are streaming popular competitive games like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Overwatch, you can start by setting a kills goal, or win goal. Play characters that your audience would like to see, they are the ones who ultimately are paying for you to do what you love. Just keep an eye on that chat box and you should see more money coming in.

E-sports and Competitive gaming

Esports is an explosive billion dollar industry as CNN reports – Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA, Overwatch, Hearthstone all are big players in the esports realm and are the most streamed on Twitch. But if you get good at these games you might be recruited to join competitive E-sport teams. Yes that’s right, like real sports teams, you can join an E-sport team and get paid as a player. This is an emerging niche that has come from the digitalisation of our world, where esports enthusiasts have fans reaching over 200 million worldwide. Now imagine being a star player, but from the comfort of your computer being paid millions. If you’re curious about top earners check this article here. Esports is being taken so seriously in fact- that especially in America, over 120 colleges offer scholarships to study it.

So how do you get started? The simple answer is — play the game. Research one of the highest paid esports games from this list. And invest time in one that you enjoy playing and are good at. Esport games all have their own systems of ranking so when you get to the top of the leaderboards people will scout you and with some luck you will be signed to a contract and become a professional e-sports player.

Online cash games

This is one that is most simple to get into, but you will have to use your wits and a bit of luck to earn good money. There are numerous online casinos, bingo sites and slots sites like Labslots, poker sites, betting sites that will potentially earn you good money if you know the risks and how to gamble responsibly. The best way to start is reading up on the strategies on the game you want to start playing. As much as these games are down to luck there is always algorithms and sequences to winnings. For example, a popular way of earning is through matched betting. This is essentially making use of free bets and offers by online bookmakers and placing bets on both outcomes of an event, so you are guaranteed a win. Profit will come from how much time you put in and how skillful you are at spotting profit margins.

So you think it’s worth a shot?

Like anything if you work hard towards it and know your industry, you will succeed. Playing games to earn a living is now no longer a fantasy, it is certainly achievable if you know how and what to invest your time in.

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