16th Dec2019

How do Casinos work?

by James Smith

Casinos have been there since time immemorial. Besides gamblers, it’s also favorite to many due to its five-star entertainment spots and dining facilities. The wealthy come to party here, but it’s also a top spot for average gamblers who love the essence and high bonuses that most casinos games offer.

According to the PBS Show Frontline report, gamblers lose six billion yearly at Las Vegas casinos. With this in mind, many wonder how the multi-billion casinos work. Well, for starters, the modern casinos are like indoor parks for adults and feature high-end gambling facilities that offer different games to the customers. The lavish hotels’ lighted fountains, musical shows, and shopping centers characterize most casinos. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat also rake in billions of dollars to UK casinos.


How Casinos Operate

A large amount of money usually exchanges hands at casinos. In a casino, there are many winners, but the ultimate winner is the casino owner. In 2005 alone, commercial casinos total revenue exceeded $31.85 billion while the Native American casinos raked in $22.62 billion in the same year.

Casinos make money since each game has a statistical advantage for the casino. These casino edges are usually small (up to 2 percent), but the millions of bets placed raises the lower amount to more significant figures. The income sustains the casino and leave extras for investments and paying workers. The casino advantage is known as “rake” and varies depending on casino payouts and how the players play the casino games.

1. Casino Staff and Management

The casino is like an organization with a large number of employees on their payroll. Labor is essential for many casinos, and some positions enable casinos to undertake their tasks with ease. According to a review on many casinos, especially established casinos like Cherry Casino, should have the following:

  • Waiters / Waitresses – These are the workers who serve customers with food and drinks at the casino restaurants
  • Clerks – Clerks refers to that in-charge of gift shops, restaurant counters, and other places that require one to make purchases.
  • Coin counting – They count and sort coins in the casinos. Being a large business, a casino receives thousands of coins every day, and coin counters help the casino to count and organize the coins efficiently.
  • Security – The casino is one of the top places where money exchanges hands. It’s for this reason that security is vital to ensure the safety of the casino staff, customers, and property.
  • Food Preparation – Anyone involved in preparing food for casino restaurants. Bartenders who make drinks also fall in this category.
  • Dealers – These refer to roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other casino games dealers.
  • Management – These include the person who organizes and manages casino activities. They may fall in the middle or upper management.
  • Staff – The staff includes the support of faculty, cleaners, and hotel staff.
  • Technicians – These help to safeguard the casino equipment if they break down.
  • Human resources – They manage personnel, suppliers, and customers of the casino.

2. Protecting Customers and Suppliers

Casinos need enhanced security to protect their property, customers, and suppliers. CCTV cameras and security devices help to monitor the casino building as well as keep eyes on protected areas. Security guards also do the extra job of ensuring everyone in the casino is safe.

3. Preventing fraud and illegal activities

The casino is a place for money exchange, makes it susceptible to fraud and other events. Whether it’s someone using fake money or stolen credit cards, fraud is bound to happen, but casino management is always on the lookout. Besides, casino management should never allow anyone who is not of legal gambling age to play casino games.

4. Managing the various casino games

There are thousands of games in the casino, and managing them could be hectic for one management team. However, the casino makes management more comfortable by having different sections that cater to different casino games. For instance, some managers handle slots games while another set of managers handle high-stakes card games. These managers are also in charge of wins, and their work is to popularize someone who has won big to encourage others to play the game.

Casinos are large buildings that feature entertainment, food, drinks, and gambling. They are one of the significant sources of income for many, and it’s, therefore, crucial to learn how they operate. Besides, they run 24 hours a day, and knowing their organization helps you to gamble on your favorite casino with fewer worries seamlessly.

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