16th Dec2019

5 Things to Earn Extra Cash Over Christmas

by James Smith

Can you feel the magic and hear the jingle in the air? Christmas is coming! In fact, it’s just around the next corner. The Christmassy atmosphere spreading across the UK is somewhat infectious, isn’t it? While excitement levels are high, most Brits know that Christmas time is the season for spending. While the true meaning of Christmas is observed, many find themselves saddled with the expense of the season. There are huge elaborate meals to make, gifts to buy, decorations to invest in, and of course, every day there seems to be another Christmas party or event to attend, which of course means spending money.


How to Increase Your Income This Festive Season

With expenses looming and your stress levels already rising, now is the perfect time to find extra money earning opportunities. It is a good idea to try to earn a little bit extra over the holidays, especially if you don’t want to start buckling under the weight of the seasonal financial burden. Too many times holidaymakers overspend and burden themselves with debt that takes the following few months to overcome. That does not have to be you this year. This year you can always take your finances in hand and pledge to be in complete control. Below are a few quick and easy things you can do to boost your income this festive season:

  • Look around for temp/seasonal work.
    Many of the large retail outlets will be looking for extra sets of hands during the festive season. If you have afternoons, evenings, or weekends free, you could stand to gain by getting a part time job, just for the holidays. The extra work will keep you from spending money and may just pay for all those gifts you need to get. You can register your details with recruitment companies that specialise in placing temporary Christmas staff, such as Hey Tempo and High Jam. Of course, you can drop this job and carry on with your regular job once the Christmas period is over.
  • Spend a bit of time online gambling.
    Have you ever won money at the casino? Maybe this year you should try your hand at one of the numerous online casinos in the UK. UK online casinos are all regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which means you can expect fair online play. If you have a bit of money to spare, online slot sites, online tables, or even online bingo. If you win big, your Christmas expenses could be sorted!
  • Get a side hustle as a dog walker/pet sitter.
    Over the festive season, people might be away for the holidays and their bundles of joy are left behind, alone. In the UK, dog walking and pet sitting services are highly sought after, especially over the holiday period. You could place adverts up at your local Co-op or you could place adverts online (consider using Gumtree). Alternatively, you can work through an agency that will bring the work to you. A great one to join in the UK is Dog Buddy.
  • Sell unwanted gifts and goodies.
    No, you don’t have to sell your essential household and personal items. You can start by clearing out your personal belongings and making a pile of items that are “for sale” All the unwanted gifts you got last year and all the unwanted bits and pieces around your home can actually be sold for extra money. The best way to do this is to make a list of all the items you wish to sell, take good pictures of the items, decide what you feel each item is worth, and then post classified adverts on Gumtree UK.
  • Get crafty!
    If you have a creative side, you can look into creating some Christmas crafts to sell at local flea markets and Christmas markets. Whether you are good at baking, making origami gift boxes, or wrapping gifts for a price…having a presence at a local market will give you great exposure and the opportunity to make extra money. Some ideas of things you can make and sell include: jewellery, upcycled furniture, pot plants, homemade soap, used books and records, and Christmas themed baked goods.

Be Creative About Extra Cash Acquisition

There’s no reason why the festive season has to cripple your finances and send your purse/wallet into a decline. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can saunter through Christmas feeling financially secure (and free). If you are willing to be innovative and creative, you can find a variety of ways to earn some extra cash over Christmas this year. If you find an option that suits you and makes decent extra money, you can continue to do that very thing, year after year.

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