10th Dec2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #46 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have Lorne Michaels being a dick to any-one who dares to work on Saturday Night Live. This is an interesting week that features what happens when American Thanksgiving reigns supreme over an entire sport. Gobble Gobble, baby.


Best Moment:

Play Misty For Me (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Asuka misted the hell out of Charlotte Flair during their match. This goes in the history books as one of the great mistings in wrestling. It ain’t easy, being green…because you can’t see a thing.

Best Promo:

Seth Is A Jerk (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Seth Rollins cut a fabulous promo where he channeled his actual arrogance to piss all over the Raw roster for not winning at Survivor Series. Seth as a heel might just work this time. Good for him.

Best Speaker:

Bray Wyatt (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Bray taunted Daniel Bryan all night to help push their feud, which seems to be on course for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View in some fashion. Bray is a creepy weirdo and I like him. When Bray talks, my credit rating takes a nose dive and that’s talent, damn it.

Best Character:

MJF (All Elite Wrestling) – In a time when characters are not as much of a priority as they used to be (not a good thing), MJF has committed to his alter-ego every step of the way. Wrestling needs more MJFs as soon as possible.

Best Wrestler:

Rey Mysterio (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Rey kick-started the second half of Raw being great fun (the first half sucked monkey-dookie). Rey wrestled to fantastic matches in a row and got the incredible reaction he should have. Any-one that can not find value in Rey, even though he’s not in his prime any more, is really missing out on some great stuff from a great wrestler.

Best Performance:

Kenny Omega (All Elite Wrestling) – Omega wrestled the living day-lights out of PAC on Dynamite. Omega has had a slower start in AEW than expected, but he’s finally found his footing in his new home.

Best Move:

Lion Tamer (All Elite Wrestling) – Chris Jericho made Scorpio Sky submit to this move in the main event of Dynamite. It almost feels like submission wrestling has disappeared from the sport some-times, but when you see it used so well here, it gives you hope that these great moves will not fade away.

Best Match:

Rey Mysterio versus AJ Styles – WWE United States Championship Match (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This was a great capper for a double dose of Rey on Raw that featured the legendary luchador getting one of the biggest victories of his career (thanks to AJ and the crowd).

Best Card:

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite (All Elite Wrestling) – AEW had a great selection of matches that didn’t always live up to their potential, but they were still a fabulous assemblage of matches, regardless.

Best Show:

NXT (World Wrestling Entertainment) – The show was quite good over-all, with several matches delivering the kind of action that makes you want to tune in next time.

Best League:

World Wrestling Entertainment – Vince McMahon gave me a lot of money to say good things about his league this week. Tony Khan needs to add some more zeros to the check if he wants to buy my favor. Baron Corbin is the best ever! See, I’m a shill.

Final Verdict: 3.4/5

There was some good stuff in here, but this was a rather flat week, despite the quality wrestling we often got.


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