10th Dec2019

‘Robotech Remix #3’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Brenden Fletcher | Art by Elmer Damaso | Published by Titan Comics


Can’t believe issue 3 has rolled around already with this reboot. It’s been a really solid and enjoyable start to a new era, albeit one that incorporates what’s gone before. If you came in late, Dana Sterling is now trapped in her past, our present, after saving the Earth. Only problem is, it’s now not really her past, as this new timeline has no Dana in it. She was never born, so although everyone and everything seems familiar, none of it is ‘hers’. Help may be on the horizon, however, with the arrival of two strange craft, seemingly able to move across multiple realities in the ‘Protoverse’. Could they help Dana return? Would they want to? Are they just inter-dimensional deliveroo couriers? Well one isn’t, as it sure looked like Rick Hunter.

Did I mention that huge hand that smashed out the ground at the end of last issue? No? Well, school kids Jack and Karen sure noticed it, as well as the rather massive freaky looking creature that goes with it. Karen acts fast, getting Jack and the injured Rick into Rick’s vessel and fighting back. Fighting back might be a tad generous, but they manage to get away, so there’s that. What the creatures were will have to wait. Meanwhile the other pilot is in an ongoing fight with Miriya, no slouch in the hand to hand combat department herself. She loses, but not before seeing the pilot’s face, and seemingly recognising it. Exciting stuff.

The one area of the book that is not quite clicking, for me at least, is the domestic set pieces and dialogue, with Dana’s home life. Future flashbacks aside, her relationship with Bowie and his with his friends is…OK. I know anime and manga loves a bit of this, but for me it gets in the way of the main meal being served up. Still, this issue it’s only a little diversion, as Jack and Karen have arrived back with that huge humanoid Veritech type ship, and turned a few heads as you would expect. Rick Hunter’s fate is now in the hands of a bunch of kids, though some notice although this is Rick, it doesn’t seem to be ‘their’ Rick. What to do, what to do.

Luckily for the very stressed kids, Dana arrives home, and recognises Rick. Sort of. He has madder hair than he should for one, he’s bleeding out for another. Dana contacts Max, her father from another time and place, who is on his way over. He better hurry, as Rick has woken up and the first thing he felt like doing was grab Dana by the throat screaming ‘you killed them all’. Can’t see this being resolved too easily.

Well that was short and sweet. Either I’m reading too fast or that issue was more about the visuals than the content this issue. In terms of the big picture not much really changed, apart from that ending I suppose, and it was more about setting the scene for the developments and shenanigans to come. Most of the main characters actually got little page time this issue, with the spotlight very firmly being on the kids. I’m hoping this is not a sign of things to come, as I enjoy the big stuff more than the soap opera and kid character interplay. That’s obviously just my personal preference of course, and some may actually prefer it. Which is fine. It’s certainly written well. Story wise not bad, though a little dip from the opening two issues. Art is still perfect for this type of story, though again I’m more about the more realistic art look in general.

Definitely a book that you’ll allow an issue or two that doesn’t quite hit the mark, as you fully expect the next one to be a bulls eye. Bring on next issue.

***½  3.5/5

Robotech Remix #3 is out tomorrow from Titan Comics.


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