07th Dec2019

Why Paddy Power’s marketing is all about mischief

by James Smith

Online gambling operators are only as good as their reputation, as it helps them stand out from the crowd. Projecting the right image is essential to attract new players, but even so, competition is incredibly tough among respectable bookmakers. That’s why marketing is also needed and Paddy Power which has been voted one of the best slot sites 2020 online. has always had some of the most intriguing campaigns. The Irish casino, bookmaker and poker room has established a dominant presence nationwide and continues to appeal to international punters. Originality and creativity are two of their qualities and this is a particularly bold gambling operator when it comes to advertising.


How are Paddy Power’s advertisements different?

Mischief is one word that properly describes the manner in which Paddy Power conducts its marketing campaigns. This is a gambling operator that is willing to go the whole 9 yards and even venture into uncharted terrain. Their campaigns are bold, always amusing and quite often they cross the threshold into risky territory. They are willing to tackle topics that are taboo among most bookmakers and they know precisely how to generate a lot of interest.

Their advertisements are direct, cheeky and do much more than simply convey a message. Paddy Power has understood the importance of being different, in a world where online gambling operators look very much alike. Quite often, the company takes a leap of faith with topics that could very well backfire. They do so because they have a track record that encourages them to be bold, knowing that they will reap the benefits in the long run. In some regards, they use the same risk – reward strategies that their players rely upon when gambling at slots, table games and video pokers.

Paddy Power surprises again in 2019

Paddy Power have had their fair share of poker and casino campaigns, but some of the most memorable PR stunts were closely linked to sports. The prestigious bookmaker is well known in the United Kingdom but also beyond borders and new players join all the time. This makes them an attractive partner for sports clubs in general and football clubs in particular. In their most recent and boldest move, Paddy Power have signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Huddersfield that took everyone by surprise.

Many Premier League and Championship teams have sponsorship deals with gambling operators. Most of them feel comfortable displaying the brands on their shirts, so the bookmakers benefit greatly from this exposure. In recent months, there has been a push back on such deals, as there is growing concern about the risks of gambling addiction. That’s why Paddy Power’s decision to display a huge logo on the shirts of Huddersfield players has sent shockwaves among football clubs, gambling operators and regulators.

The FA won’t accept this kind of advertising and Huddersfield are likely to suffer heavy fines if they decides to brazenly display the logo. Even so, the turmoil generated by the announcement and the exposure the bookmaker got seems to justify this move, while reinforcing the idea that Paddy Power’s marketing is all about mischief.

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