02nd Dec2019

The Most Awaited Video Games of 2020

by James Smith

It is always joyful for video game enthusiasts when they learn about an upcoming video game. We all love new things, and the video gaming industry will never fail you. There will ever be something new about to launch. Well, this connotes that epic video games are yet to be revealed soon.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake


This is one of the best upcoming video games that you will be able to play on PlayStation 4. It is seemingly one of the best nostalgic releases of all time. It is a perfect ultra-modern remake of the best role-playing games that have ever existed. If you have had a glimpse of the stunning trailers, you must agree that it is an epic game. It does not even lose its taste with PS 1.  Surprisingly, the game i8s set to be released in parts. The first to be unveiled on 3rd March is the part that happens in Midgar while the rest will be released later on.

Cyberpunk 2077


Set to be played on PS 4, Xbox One, and PC, cyberpunk 2077 is one epic game that is to be unveiled in the following year. As per its trailer, it looks like a futuristic grand theft auto. It involves amazing body modification and great cinematics. You will definitely enjoy the way Night City, California look, and the surprise addition of Keanu Reeves will most likely make it one of the biggest hits in the gaming industry.

The Last Part of Us II


Even if it takes a number of years for an original game to be released, it is always the pleasure of most people to enjoy the most awaited game. For sure, you will agree that The Last Part of Us was worth the wait. It will dig deeper into Ellie’s tale navigating life amidst tough uprising. She eventually finds a reason to seek revenge. It is well-produced and seems too intense.


The industry will never fail you. You should never fail it as well. All the video games that are to be released finds you ready for them since you got the information right here. You should expect the Last Part Of Us, Cyberpunk 2077, and Final Fantasy VII Remake come next year. Enjoy them on the platforms that they are available. Also, if you are a casino loving guy, you should have found joy in online platforms that offer awesome games. The offers and bonuses in those online casinos are one of the best promotions ever. Do not just sit and say that there is nothing thrilling for you to enjoy, get updates here. Hopefully, you will invite your pals too to enjoy the same games.

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