07th Nov2019

‘X-Wing 2.0: Wave 4 – Resistance Transport Expansion Pack’ Review

by Matthew Smail


For me, at least, the presence of the Resistance Transport in a miniatures game about squadron level combat is a bit of an enigma. Sure, the Transport may be based on the B-Wing platform and it can be used as something of a gunship, but such a ship would feel more at home in games focused on objectives such as escorting or escaping, rather than the dogfighting that X-Wing 2.0 is famous for. Regardless, the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack is here, and whilst I am struggling to find a use for it, it’s a nice little bundle.

Firstly, the miniature itself is medium sized, with a detachable Command Shuttle miniature that comes with its own small base. The two ships have four pilots each, with pilots like Cova Nell and Pammich Nerro Goode taking the helm of the Transport, and more thematic characters such as BB-8 and Finn taking to the Command Shuttle, should it come into play. A number of high profile (and often exclusive to this set) passengers can also be added, and this is where the Resistance Transport begins to show it’s purpose.

Leia Organa, for example, has the ability to use a force token to reduce the difficulty of a manoeuvre for one friendly unit. Used in conjunction with a pilot like Cova Nell, this ability can combo off in useful ways. For Cova Nell specifically, this combination allows Cova to roll an extra dice when attacking or defending after performing a red manoeuvre, even though Leia’s ability immediately reduces the ability to white and therefore Cova can avoid taking a stress token. Amilyn Holdo, on the other hand, can move tokens between the ship she is a passenger on and any friendly ship in range 1-2.

There are also several combinations of droid that can be used in relation to the two ships included in this pack. BB-8, C3PO and several others are all present in the pack and can be used in different ways to enhance other ships piloted by droids across your squadron. There are also a couple of completely unique abilities among the cards present, including GA-97’s “Call the Resistance” and Vi Moradi’s “Compromising Intel” both of which are essentially support abilities.

Overall, I find the Resistance Transport quite hard to pilot to great effect, although there is no doubt that it is more of a support craft than it is a ship of the line. Experienced players will certainly be able to make the most of its possible crew and passenger combinations, as well as the different weapon loadouts that can be assigned, if that’s the way you choose to go. With only two base combat dice however, it’s tough to configure the Transport as a real bruiser when the Resistance has options like the B-Wing to choose from.

The Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing 2.0 is out now. Check out the rest of our X-Wing 2.0 reviews right here.


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