31st Oct2019

Opinionated: Why WWE should bring Halloween Havoc back!

by Chris Cummings


Okay, okay… I know this is kind of typical for this time of year, but hear me out. I have a good argument for why WWE should being back the old WCW pay-per-view concept, Halloween Havoc, to their annual PPV schedule.

Back in the 80s and 90s (and the year 2000) World Championship Wrestling hosted a pay-per-view every October called Halloween Havoc. Occuring every year from 1989 until 2000, Halloween Havoc was the autumnal spooky show for WCW, a themed event that looked the part but didn’t feel too forced like PPVs of the modern-age like Hell in a Cell do. You see… Hell in a Cell used to be a gimmick match that was utilised during a specific feud that had become so heated that the Cell was the only way to contain the hatred between the two participants, but now, with the annual Hell in a Cell PPV, we know we’re getting the Cell match, whether the feuds in question even need to be inside the cell or not. It’s a shame, it’s taken a popular and heated match-type and cooled it right down, turning it into a luke-warm show with cage matches that are no more brutal or exciting than any regular cage match would be. What a shame.

Still, this isn’t about Hell in a Cell. This is about my opinion that WWE should take Hell in a Cell, the PPV, and throw it into the same river that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin threw the Intercontinental Title into back in 1997 and replace it with Halloween Havoc.

I remember some awful Halloween Havoc shows, sure. I mean, back in 1991 we saw a “Chamber of Horrors” match take place at the event, with a cage (or “chamber”) featuring two teams (The Steiner Brothers, Sting and El Gigante against Cactus Jack, Abdullah the Butcher, The Diamond Studd and Vader) who would fight against each other until one member of one team was placed into the “chair of torture” and electrocuted. It was absurd, clumsy and badly done, but it’s one of those “so bad, it’s good” matches to revisit now, and what an array of workers too. Still, aside from the poor matches, we saw some classics during the history of Halloween Havoc. Remember Ric Flair and Sting taking on The Great Muta and Terry Funk, or great 90s cruiserweight matches like Dean Malenko against Rey Mysterio Jr? Remember Randy Savage against Dallas Page in one of the best feuds of 1997? There was plenty to love about the event. I always loved when WCW had a themed stage and opening video too, and while those things look corny nowadays, an updated and higher-budget version of this could be a lot of fun in 2019.

Imagine, if you will, WWE opening WWE Halloween Havoc with a stage covered in dirt and caskets, gravestones, shovels and bones, flames spewing from the floor. We see Michael Cole walk out, he’s dressed as Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, and in a terrible accent he “VELCOMES” us to Halloween Havoc, before pulling his cape over his face and leaving with a spooky laugh. We then hear the booming entrance music of Aleister Black, he walks the aisle followed by druids, and a creepy mask over his face. His opponent is Finn Balor (I now he’s in NXT now, but work with me here), and he is in his demon guise. He crawls to the ring, his red eyes and gaping painted-on maw snapping at his gothic opponent sat cross-legged in the ring. The two stand face-to-face, and then BOOM… the ring is surrounded by fire, and an Inferno Match begins, with the loser being the man who is the first to be burned. SPOOKY. Now… I know there are holes in this. I know it’s stupid. But seriously… in an age where guys are suplexing people using their penis, or walking to the ring with a lantern made out of the head of the former gimmick said wrestler used to wrestle as (phew), then I’m pretty sure this could work.

Imagine also, if you will… Asuka, a new creepy dark mask, paint on her face, mist dribbling from her chin, her name dripping like blood across the Titan-tron. She enters the ring, moves in a more animalistic way than usual. Her opponent enters, it’s Nikki Cross. She’s in her old Sanity gear, she bellows like a banshee, her eyes clouded in black, she looks enraged. The two fight for a Championship in a Halloween Street Fight, where weapons can be used, and the ring is surrounded by pumpkins, Halloween decor and weird items. They bash the hell out of each other for twenty minutes. How fun would that be? I know this is fantasy booking, but hey… I’m a wrestling fan, it’s what we do best.

Wrestling fans like the outlandish stuff, and Halloween Havoc could combine a fun throwback Halloween theme with some gimmick and some regular matches, and be a fun b-level pay-per-view each October. Come on, WWE… do it. It could be bloody great.

What do you think? Would you like to see WWE bring Halloween Havoc into their annual PPV calendar? Thanks for reading.


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