30th Oct2019

‘Ring of Honor’ Review (Oct 27th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we’ve got a some wrestling here, so don’t fall asleep…or Freddy Kruger will get ya’! Then again, maybe not.


Match #1: Jeff Cobb, Kenny King, Josh Woods & Brian Johnson defeated Joe Hendry, Rhett Titus, Cheeseburger & Silas Young – Vegas Wild-Card Eight-Man Tag Team Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Both teams were selected by a random draw. After a flurry of high-impact moves from everyone, Cobb and Hendry faced off. They double-clotheslined each other in the ring, and then did the same outside the ring. In the end, Woods rolled up his tag partner Young to secure the victory for his team.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This went for a nice length of time and gave Brian a good showcase of his talents. Other than that, look for Woods to display some fine shooting abilities.

Match #2: The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) defeated Slice Boogie and Chris Bey

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

The Bouncers manhandled their two smaller opponents at the beginning of the match. Boogie and Bey used double-team tactics on Bruiser to briefly gain the advantage, but Milonas steamrolled both after he was tagged in. The Bouncers hit Closing Time on Boogie for the win.

My Opinion: 2.4 out of 5 – Chris Bey is the reason to watch this, so there you go, Idaho.

Match #3: (Main Event) Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon) defeated Sumie Sakai vs. Jenny Rose – Women of Honor World Title Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Sakai and Rose ganged up on Love at the beginning of the match and then began wrestling each other. They got into a slugfest before Rose speared Sakai for a near fall. Rose then nailed Sakai with a clothesline for another near fall. Love hit Botox Injection on Rose, but Sakai made the save. Sakai set up for Smash Mouth on Love, but Leon hopped onto the apron and Sakai released the hold. Love took advantage of the distraction by hitting Botox Injection on Sakai for the win.

My Opinion: 1 out of 5 – Sumie Sakai was the only good thing about this. Yeah, this was pretty sad.

Final Verdict: 2.4/5

The first two matches were better than the main event. Go figure.


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