29th Oct2019

Great Archie Comics reads for Halloween!

by Chris Cummings

Hello fellow Archie fans and those of you who WILL become Archie fans, if all is good and right in the world. (I kid, but not really). We’re fast approaching the season of spookiness and pumpkin-spice, and what better time than Halloween season to read some horror-tastic Archie comics? This article will delve a little into some and highlight a few Archie-related releases that would be perfect for October-Time.

Jughead: The Hunger


Beginning in early 2017 and still running now, Jughead: The Hunger takes place outside of the main Archie Comics world. It’s its own thing, and focuses on, obviously, Jughead Jones and his family. We delve into the origins of his “hunger”, with ole Jughead being a werewolf who is killing the people of Riverdale. It’s a blast, with the gang from Archie all a part of the story, as they try to supress Jugheads’ urge to kill. So far there are three volumes of Jughead: The Hunger available as well as a crossover with Vameronica. Check ‘em out!

Afterlife With Archie


When I read Afterlife Volume 1 a few years ago I was blown away. My love of zombie movies and comics was quenched when I discovered that George Romero had only gone and inspired Riverdale to be infected. I mean, not literally, but this story is about Riverdale experiencing a zombie virus, all started by Jughead’s dog, Hot Dog. With the contagion spreading across the town, it’s about survival of the fittest. Just brilliant. With two volumes available right now, I can’t recommend this enough. It’s funny, gory and as much fun as you’re likely to find in a comic book that is perfect for Halloween season!



Beginning last year, Vampironica doesn’t do zombies like Afterlife, or Werewolves like The Hunger, but opts for vampires instead, with Veronica Lodge learning to navigate her life after becoming one of the living dead. Meg and Greg Smallwood did a remarkable job on this, and I thought it had all the charm of Archie, with enough horror and weirdness to change things up a little, which they’re really good at doing with these horror Archie books. With one volume available, as well as the super-fun cross-over Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica, this is one to check out, especially for vampire lovers out there. Mwah ha ha haaa.

Archie Vs. Predator


This was the first of the Archie horror comics I ever read, taking the traditional Archie Gang into the world of the bloody Predator. The alien comes to Earth and begins to stalk and hunt down the students of Riverdale, so the survivors, including Archie Andrews himself, make the decision to fight back against the evil bugger. It’s so much fun and incredible easy to jump into. I’ve read it a few times over the past few years, and I always have fun with it. In July of this year Archie Vs. Predator II began, with one issue available to date, and hopefully more to come. This would be a good start if you’re not sure where to dip your toe.

So there you have it. Aside from some fun traditional Archie Halloween Omnibus’s that are available, I’d say this list is your must-read Archie Halloween Comics list. Each of these options is worth reading, and whether you’re an existing fan of Archie Comics or not, they’re accessible and a ton of fun. Perfect for a quiet evening with the lights off and a lamp on this Halloween season!

Thanks for reading, folks.


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