28th Oct2019

‘X-Wing 2.0: Wave 4 – A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack’ Review

by Matthew Smail


The B-Wing was been a mainstay of Rebel Alliance lists since its introduction in the original X-Wing game, and the new pilots and miniatures released as part of X-Wing 2.0 Wave 4 look likely to continue that theme. Firstly, the new model is much more feature rich than the original was, with a rotating cockpit and articulated wings, which makes the B-Wing one of the most animated small models in the range to date. The ship also rotates on its stand, allowing it to accurately adopt either of its possible attack postures.

The challenge for B-Wing pilots has always been the cumbersome nature of their ships. These large, tough fighters come with four shields and four hull, but that is balanced against poor manoeuvrability that will often result in the B-Wing being flanked, or needing to make red turns that will add stress tokens. To counter this, the two prime B-Wing pilots both have abilities that use stress tokens to their advantage. Ten Numb has the very powerful ability to spend stress tokens as though they were focus tokens, whilst Braylen Stramm is allowed to reroll when stressed.

Both of these named pilots are imitative four, which is neither amazing nor poor, and there are also two Blue Squadron Pilots to choose from (Veteran and regular) with three and two initiative respectively. A number of very interesting upgrade cards make the B-Wing even more appealing, with the likes of Heavy Laser and Ion Cannons being possible options, as well as Advanced Proton Torpedoes. Combined with three basic attack dice, decent pilots and a lot of damage soaking capability, the B-Wing is a formiddable addition to any Rebel Alliance list.

The A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing 2.0 is out now. Check out the rest of our X-Wing 2.0 reviews right here.


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