28th Oct2019

WWE Network Original: ‘Photo Shoot – Kane’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Photo Shoot is a show in which a WWE performer, past or present, sits down in a chair in a dark room with a camera pointed at them, and are shown a variety of photographs for half-an-hour from various times in their career, and they make comments on them. We’ve had a whole bunch of episodes since this WWE Original began, from Shane McMahon, Rusev and Ric Flair to Goldust, Jim Cornette and now, The Big Red Machine and Mayor of Knoxville, TN, Kane.


The concept of the show is simple and effective and while it isn’t especially a deep-dive on the career photography of said performers’ career, it’s still fun to see a series of pictures pop up and hear random stories about each one. With this episode it’s even more interesting because it’s Kane, and Kane, for most of his career (until fairly recently, really) was never really given out-of-character documentary shows to work with, instead appearing in-character for the most-part. It’s cool to, now, see Glenn Jacobs talk about his long and storied wrestling and WWE career, a career that has lasted from his debut in 1992 until modern day where he still makes the occasional in-ring appearance in WWE.

This episode looks at a selection of photos, from his early days as Isaac Yankem D.D.S, the evil dentist hired by Jerry “The King” Lawler to face his then-rival Bret Hart, to his days as “Fake Diesel” in 1996, up to his hugely popular and career-changing run as “The Devil’s Favourite Demon” Kane that began at the end of 1997 and still appears to this day. Hearing stories of these character inceptions and Glenn’s opinions on them all is insightful and interesting, a new look at characters we’ve seldom heard about through the years, especially first-hand from the man behind the dentist, the trucker and the demon.

If you’re a Kane fan, or a fan of WWE history, then there’s no good reason to NOT watch this episode of WWE Photo Shoot. It’s been my personal favourite so far. I just wish it’d been a touch longer. Good stuff though, and hopefully we’ll see a lengthy career retrospective documentary about Jacobs’ career soon enough. That would be incredibly interesting.

WWE Photo Shoot is available to watch now on WWE Network.


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