28th Oct2019

The Road to Reboot: ‘Clerks 2’ Review

by Chris Cummings

So, we have reached the final hurled on this Road to Reboot. We began with Clerks, made our way through Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma, took a turn at Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last time, and we’ll end it here, with Clerks 2. Of course, Kevin Smith did other movies, films like Zack & Miri Make a Porno, which I’m a fan of, and movies unlike his other work, such as the poorly received Jersey Girl, the oddball horror Tusk, and the, in my opinion, bloody terrible Yoga Hosers [Am I the only Nerdly team member who loved Yoga Hosers then? – Editor Phil]. As we approach the release of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, it seems fitting to end this journey where it began, with Dante and Randall, who likely weren’t meant to be here today.


Clerks 2, released in 2006, is a kind-of-sequel to the original Clerks, but instead of taking place at Quick Stop, this second incarnation of Clerks mostly takes place in Mooby’s a fast-food joint not dissimilar to McDonald’s or Burger King. Dante and Randall, through unfortunate circumstances, end up at this dead-end job, or we should say… another dead-end job. Dante wants out, hoping to move away with his fiancé and leave New Jersey behind, but Randal isn’t keen on the idea, and a bubbling war between the two begins as their friendship is tested. We see the return of Jay and his life-mate Silent Bob, and new characters, such as co-worker Elias, who is a hilarious addition to the cast.

It’s a lot of fun, and I remember laughing my butt off in cinemas back when it came out thirteen years back. There are iconic scenes here and while the movie will never be the cult smash-hit that Clerks became, it’s still a very funny movie with the Kevin Smith staple gross-out dialogue, over-the-top anecdotes and a touch of poignancy to wrap it all together. I mean, poignancy can be hard to remember in a film containing a troll that lives in a girl’s privates, a donkey-show and a conversation about… ass-to-mouth. Oh dear.

This is one I rarely hear people take about when they discuss Kevin Smith and his movie output. I get it, it’s not perhaps the strong story of a Chasing Amy, or an iconic cult flick like Clerks or Mallrats, but it’s a lot of fun, has some of that typical Smith writing, and the characters returning is nice to see, their conversations about Star Wars turning to Lord of the Rings. I think this ages strangely, because it isn’t that old, yet the dialogue still feels like it’s of it’s time, a time not long ago, yet also distant in some ways. I enjoyed finishing this trip down View-Askew lane with Clerks 2, and it makes me eager to see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot when it hits theatres, cinemas and picture-houses. Hopefully it will add another chapter to this linked tale of New Jersey absurdity that we can all enjoy and return to again and again, like I do with the rest of them.



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