28th Oct2019

‘Mo Gilligan: Momentum’ Review (Netflix Original)

by Rhys Payne


Momentum is a new Netflix Original comedy special which is written by, and staring Mo Gilligan. Having only known of Mo from his minor role on the Big Narstie show, where he is almost the side-kick to Bigs’ antics on the show, I was not aware of how funny and extremely clever Gilligan is – but this series showcased his comical ability excellently.

Mo Gilligan: Momentum contains very strong language and themes which means it is not completely family friendly; the show also deals with modern issues that a younger audience may not be aware or and/or not find funny. However the great thing about the jokes in Momentum is that there are incredibly relatable and accessible to most of the viewers. This means the show is meant for, and targeted at, a “young adult” audience, which is not to say that of you are not in this age bracket won’t enjoy the show but people who are will be able to get the most relatability and enjoyment from the show.

Mo Gilligan’s obvious intelligence is shown through the way he set up jokes, which allows for an easy to follow and consistent show to watch. Each joke is linked (someway) to the previous joke which helps with the fluidity of the routine. The first series of jokes is observational comedy about people in a classroom which is complete with impressions and acting. This transitions later into the types of family members that many people can relate to: revolving around common types of family members at a party (drunk dads, pervy uncles, a cousin who is called uncle as they are older, etc.) which culminates in a musical interpretation of the scene. My only concern with the later series of jokes is that after Mo has done all his impressions, he re-introduces the characters in the show which really was wasted time.


On stage with Mo during Momentum were a live band, who provided musical backing to certain sections of Mo’s songs and jokes; creating a very enjoyable and fun musical which only benefited the viewing experience for the audience. A highlight of this band was during a Rastafarian interpretation of nursery rhymes which was hilarious but also showcased the musical intelligence of both the band and Mo himself. However this section did end very abruptly, making it all appear clunky and awkward.

Overall, Mo Gilligan: Momentum is a very well though out and well executed show that showcased Mo’s many skills. It’s primary focus is to raise awareness of Mo’s comedy and obviously for me it was successful in that regard. The show did what it needed to but maybe needed to be a bit more refined if there is another special to be produced. Yet, I am still glad I was able to see Mo stand on his own during this one man show.

**** 4/5

Mo Gilligan: Momentum is on Netflix now.


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