25th Oct2019

‘100 Acres of Hell’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Gene Snisky, Jeff Swanton, Jim Roof, Ernest O’Donnell, Meg Carriero, Catherine Corcoran, Katie Walsh, Sam Anoai, Joel Ruda, Anthony Edward Curry, Brittany Ineson, Robert Waldron | Written by Jason L. Koerner, Ed McKeever, Gene Snisky | Directed by Hank Leigh Hump


What do you get when you put two former WWE superstars in the woods and have them go head-to-head on camera? Well you get 100 Acres of Hell apparently!

Starring Gene Snitsky (aka WWE’s Snitsky) in the lead role, and Sam Anoai (aka Samu in WWE) as the disfigured killer Jeb Tucker, 100 Acres of Hell is, essentially, your classic 80s backwoods slasher set in 2019. The cliches are all the same, the tropes of the genre are all there… in fact nothing has changed expect for the fact this time round its not a group of buxom young “teenagers” getting slaughtered, it is in fact a group of middle-aged wanna be jocks who are planning on spending the weekend getting drunk and chatting shit in Foggy Creek National Park. Not the best destination for a camping weekend given that its notorious for being the site of many a slaughter and disappearance over the years!

Whilst the timeline is not made all that clear, you do see – apparently – Richard Nixon on the TV at one point during the prologue set in the 70s. It’s here that we’re introduced to the Tucker family, with their troublesome son Jeb who slaughters his mum and dad before disappearing into the woods around their home. Skip forward to the present and we join Snitsky’s character Buck Sever moping around a diner mourning the loss of his family – his friend’s plan? To cheer him up with a weekend of hunting and drinking!

The aforementioned Gene Snitsky is actually a formidable hero and whilst he plays the character of Buck Sever, a wrestler who was injured in an accident that killed his wife and kid, as something of a broken man for the majority of the film – when he is given license to let loose on Jeb Tucker you REALLY believe he can stand up to the kind of disfigured, super-strong, hillbilly madman that you get in these types of genre films.

The rest of the cast of friends are more your typical jock types – the kind of characters you’d gladly see killed an mutilated in a slasher movie to be honest. And even when new characters are introduced – a group of locals and a biker gang – there’s not one person among them you’d root for! But that’s also something of an issue. The protagonists aren’t likeable, the extra cast members aren’t developed enough for the audience to care about. And with a villain that isn’t really revealed till late on in the film there’s pretty much no-one, besides Snitsky’s Buck Sever, that you can connect with. If you don’t I doubt you’ll enjoy 100 Acres of Hell – even with its cool neo-retro slasher concept to enjoy!

However if you do stick with the film, there’s a cool reveal towards the end of the movie, which reminded me of the The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, where one family member wasn’t as “backwoods” as the rest, which leads into the denouement of the film – which is easily the highlight of the entire proceedings. Kudos to writers Jason L. Koerner AND Gene Snitsky (for yes, he also co-wrote the original story and the film itself) for ending on that note; doing somewhat of a u-turn on the typical cliched ending to slasher movies whilst also bringing things full-circle for Buck.

100 Acres of Hell is available on DVD and VOD now from Indican Pictures.


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