24th Oct2019

‘Impact Wrestling: This Is Impact!’ Review (Oct 22nd 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this special edition of Impact Wrestling called “This Is IMPACT!”, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and this is Impact Wrestling’s debut on AXS TV, so comb your hair you big, lovely bear, because it’s time for Fraggle Rock! Hiya!


Match #1: Madison Rayne w/ Kiera Hogan def. Shotzi Blackheart

The following is courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

Kiera Hogan joins Josh Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. Madison hits a Northern Lights suplex. Shotzi connects with a 619 but Madison counters the follow-up aerial offense. Madison hits a step-up Enzuigiri but Shotzi comes right back with an Enzuigiri on her own. Madison connects with the Cross Rayne to win.

My Opinion: 2.6 out of 5 – Rayne beat the new WWE signee, so hachee-chachee wah-wah. -10 + 9 = -1. The match had some nice back and forth that won’t set the world on fire, but it will make you feel young, like when the world was new. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!! Shotzi did real well here and she was nice to her mother, peeling potatoes and shucking the corn. You’ve never seen such a nice girl be so good to their mother. Rayne and Shotzi made for a good pairing.

Match #2: (Main Event) The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) def. Team AAA (Dr. Wagner Jr., Aerostar & Taurus)

The following is courtesy of impactwrestling.com:

Wentz hits Aerostar with a Bronco Buster in the corner. Dez and Trey slingshot Wagner into a superkick from Wentz. Aerostar connects with a springboard flip to the floor. Trey is next to fly with a springboard Moonsault. Dr Wagner caps it off with a dive through the ropes. Wagner hits Dez with a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Trey hits a top rope double foot stomp on Aerostar, followed by their signature double team standing Moonsault to win.

My Opinion: 3.3 out of 5 – Hey, we got Dr. Wagner Jr. for a night. This was a fun match that had lots to see and plenty to enjoy. Why does Australia have so many space aliens? Crikey, it’s the Martians! Let’s shoot ‘em! C’mere, ya’ little green bastards. This match made me feel like Mickey Mouse with cardiac arrest. The action was as exciting as watching a cat scratch the old fur off of its body like a tornado was coming through. Team AAA doesn’t work on cars, but they do wrestle matches quite well. Okay Highlander, there can be only one…match to end this show and this match was worthy of being that kind of match. I said match too many times. The budget won’t allow for that…

News Of The Night:

  1. Ace Austin is making an adult film.
  2. Naomichi Marufuji fights Josh Alexander, next week.
  3. Brian Cage fights Sami Callihan in a Steel Cage Match for the Impact Wrestling World Title, next week.
  4. D’Lo Brown appeared on the show to discuss the World Title Match.
  5. Ace Austin fights Eddie Edwards, next week.
  6. Josh Matthews and Scott D’Amore hosted this show.

Final Verdict: 2.9/5

This was okay for a show with two matches, as they focused on vignettes and interviews to show people what IMPACT! is all about, but just showing the best matches between the current roster members would have worked a lot better.


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