23rd Oct2019

The Last Week in Wrestling #40 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a few weeks we’re going to bunch together, like those Australian chicks in “Picnic At Hanging Rock”. Aliens took them. Boingoingoingoingoing! Okay, we’ve have lots to get to, so let’s do so before “America’s Test Kitchen” starts taste-testing “Soylent Green”. Soylent Green is people!


Best Moment:

Moxley DDT’d The Omega Out Of Omega (All Elite Wrestling) – Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega had a brawl that went all over the arena and, eventually, led to Jon DDTing Kenny Omega through a glass table in the green-room area.

Best Promo:

Sami Is The Jerk We Need (Impact Wrestling) – Sami Callihan cut one hell of a promo about how he doesn’t want to hurt people, but the world won’t let him be decent. Sami sold himself as human and a winner in the same promo, by promising to win the title and take his life back at the same time. This is what a promo is supposed to be.

Best Speaker:

Chris Jericho (All Elite Wrestling) – You stupid idiot! Jericho is the best speaker of the past several weeks. Sit back and drink a bit of the bubbly! Y2J is one of the few people who could cut a promo with bad catchphrases and find nothing but success. Plus, Jericho is just stealing The Rock’s persona (for the last twenty years). That’s a good thing, by the way.

Best Character:

Ric Flair (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Flair has been around for a few weeks to create his team for the Crown Jewel match against Team Hulk Hogan. Hey, Flair could piss excellence and never run out. Wooooooooooo!

Best Wrestler:

Chad Gable (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Chad (not Shorty) has been fantastic for the past few weeks. Bordering on Kurt Angle territory, Chad is a wrestling machine that Vince McMahon can not afford to have break.

Best Performance:

LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park (Major League Wrestling) – These guys kicked ass on an episode of MLW: Fusion in a fantastic tag match. They were tremendous in displaying the finer points of lucha libre, while also scaring the $#!@ out of me every five seconds.

Best Move:

Bulls Horns (Ring Of Honor) – RUSH used his finisher in a match with Barbario Cavanario to put that sucker away.

Best Match:

Michael Elgin defeated Naomichi Marufuji (Impact Wrestling) – At Bound For Glory, these guys had one hell of a match that I could easily re-assess with an even higher score. A long match that was tightly packed with fast, brutal action, Elgin and Marufuji had their match of the year contender. Don’t be surprised if I do actually give this match a higher rating later on in the year.

Best Card:

Bound For Glory (Impact Wrestling) – On paper, this was a fabulous card, but it also delivered more often than not, so that makes this the best card. That’s how the damn award works.

Best Show:

All Elite Wrestling – These first few shows have been of high quality, yet also moving so quickly that they never out-stay their welcome.

Best League:

All Elite Wrestling – AEW has started off great by having simple shows with plenty of action and a touch of levity. AEW feels like a real professional wrestling league, with room for improvement, of course.

Final Verdict: 4/5

We’ve got a new player in town called All Elite Wrestling and it has made a big impression. Every-one else has been put on notice. Hopefully, this means we’ll have all of the leagues working hard to look their best.


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