21st Oct2019

Opinionated: What Are The Best Horror Movies to Watch Around Halloween?

by Chris Cummings


We’re fast approaching the season of good chills. The time of year where pumpkins are lit on porches around the world, where your local Starbucks is selling out of Pumpkin Spice, where bags of candy are being stocked up on by households awaiting trick or treaters, and… of course, where horror movies are given that extra bit of promotion and hype. I mean, I love horror, it’s my favourite genre, but the world seems to join in when October-time comes around and Halloween is on the horizon.

Like Christmastime, a lot people have their own Halloween customs, things they do around the season each year in order to feel that feeling of seasonal spookiness in their stomachs. Whether it’s baking spider-shaped cookies, or carving a pumpkin with family, or having a party, or having a horror film marathon. Movies are something that people love to pop on to remind them of certain things, to bring back memories of days gone by or stir up a feeling of excitement for something inside them. Horror really can spark that Halloween sprit, and I thought I’d highlight a handful of what I feel are the best horror movies to watch around Halloween.

I’ll begin with an easy one, but it’s easy total about for good reason. Trick ‘r Treat is an anthology horror film set on Halloween, and features a selection of stories that are all linked together in a nice seamless manner. Oh, and we’re introduced to a character who has become a Halloween icon, in Sam. The little kid-sized pumpkin-headed creeper who is the mascot to this wonderful film. It’s one that I watch every October, and it’s a bloody joy.

Moving on, I want to talk about a film I think it underrated and perhaps not even known by many people, called Satan’s Little Helper. A 2004 movie, it’s lower in budget but still high in thrills and kills. Set on Halloween, we see a kid assisting, against his knowledge, a serial killer in a creepy mask. It’s a riot and one I always like to throw on each year. One that sadly is unknown by many, this is a staple for me. I would love to refrain from the bleeding obvious, but the Halloween franchise is an obvious must for this time of year. Sure, there are some stinkers in the franchise, but I still enjoy most of them in some way or another, with the very first one standing out still as the very best, for me anyway. The third instalment, Season of the Witch, is perhaps the most Halloweenie of the bunch. A must.

Tales of Halloween is another anthology film that came out only a handful of years back, and is a really enjoyable Halloween horror title. It has a similar feel to Trick ’r Treat but with a looser style. It’s one I’ve found I always enjoy, and should be on the horror fans list at Halloween. Along similar anthology-type lines is Creepshow, the 1982 classic from George A. Romero and Stephen King. I mean, it isn’t a Halloween film, per-se, but it’s one of those movies that works incredibly well at this time of year. I tend to pop it on, and the sequel movie, each October. Delightful. All Hallows Eve, the predecessor to the gory and balls-out crazy Terrifier (which also works as a scary flick to watch on Halloween), is another horror anthology and it’s 83 minutes of total Halloween fun. It also launched that damn clown into the horror-sphere. It’s one you should check out, for sure. Anthology horror really does work, for me, when it comes to Halloween, and it shows in the fact that four of the recommendations in this article are anthologies, and each have something unique to offer. Bloody brilliant!

Really, there’s a whole bunch of horror that you can check out for Halloween, but these are a few that I feel fit perfectly with the pumpkins, the blood and guts and the scream-filled evenings of October 31st.

Have I missed some out? Are there some sure-fire Halloween horror treats that you recommend we check out? Let us know! Thanks for reading!


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