21st Oct2019

‘Nerdy Laser and The Fighting Preceptors’ Mini-Comic Review

by Chris Cummings

Written by Richard Ewell | Art by Jason Wulf | Published by Nerdy Laser


Richard Ewell and Jason Wulf worked together on this mini-comic, a project from the mind of Ewell who has been a long-time fan of 80s pop-culture and cartoons as well as professional wrestling. Basically, you take a dash of old-school World Wrestling Federation, a dollop of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and some modern day meta-comic ideas, and you have Nerdy Laser and The Fighting Preceptors.

The story is about a rag-tag crew of pro-wrestling heroes that live on a planet (a planet, by the way, called Ringcadia!). Unfortunately, this once peaceful planet is suddenly invaded by Lord Ocular and The Visions of Evil who have come to take over. I mean, if that isn’t like something you’d watch with your bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning in 1985, then I don’t know what is.

Inspired by these things, this short comic (hopefully just the first one, too) is all about fun. Fun characters and a fun story, all under the umbrella of nostalgia, the very thing that inspired it to begin with. Wulf’s artwork fits with the concept like a glove, feeling like packaging art from 1980s toy-lines. The fact that both of these guys are wrestling fans helps too, their knowledge of pro-wrestling shining through with each page, each bit of writing and each illustration. Ewell has said that he has already outlined a three-arc story to finish with he story potentially going from there, so really, with this project, the sky is the limit. Hopefully people will back it, support it and show it some love. I’d love to see more from Nerdy Laser and The Fighting Preceptors. I think it’s a bloody brilliant idea, and the team of Ewell and Wulf really managed to nail it.

The mini-comic is a mere 10-page story, with added bonus pages of exclusive sketches and art drafts from artist Jason Wulf. Part one of an eventual three-part tale, this is an introduction to a whole new world. A world of headlocks and evil, a world of cross-face chicken wings and ruthless villains.

Nerdy Laser and The Fighting Preceptors is out now through Nerdylaser.com


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