17th Oct2019

‘3 Lives’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Mhairi Calvey, Anatole Taubman, Victor Alfieri, Maja-Celiné Probst, Tyron Ricketts, Martin Kaps, Pete Riley, Dharmander Singh | Written by Wolf-Peter Arand | Directed by Juliane Block


With the recent #MeToo movement it should have been expected that there would soon be several movies based on the topic. And in the horror genre ‘rape revenge’ has been a popular sub genre since I Spit On Your Grave and perhaps hitting its peak recently with Revenge. That said, there will of course be many movies tackling the subject and 3 Lives is one of the most recent.

But 3 Lives tackles things in a slightly different way as the sexual abuse has happened well before our story starts and lead character Emma has now been abducted but is soon saved and on the run with the person who was jailed for attacking her fifteen years earlier. It’s, at least on the face of things, an interesting take on the usual story.

I did say on the face of things though, and the story just leads to an elongated cat and mouse chase with a few twists and turns. The first two thirds of the movie are pretty pedestrian. Something most film fans would have seen before and not adding anything new or original. People walk through woods, partly lost and then some other people slowly chase after then. There’s never really any sense of danger in what is happening.

But the script does improve for the last twenty minutes and the movie does become more interesting because of it. Too little too late? Probably but there is at least an entertaining conclusion.

The trouble with much of 3 Lives it that it comes across quite amateur or at best mediocre for the most part. Acting is okay with a couple of stand-outs – Tyron Ricketts as Ben is the most enjoyable as he confidently fights his through a script that the rest of the cast struggle with. Although even he doesn’t look that great when it comes to the fight scenes.

The cinematography is slightly strange in that its quality is far ranging from bad to great. But too much of the bad is here, especially any time that the camera is close to the actors and the action. As soon as it pans out a little things improve and the woodland and island they are stuck on becomes a new character, looking both beautiful and secluded enough to be scary. There’s even some Evil Dead-reminiscent shots going through the trees. More of the scenery and the great location and the movie could have looked a whole lot better.

Before the end credits we do get some statistics on sexual abuse in general and ones involving the people making the movie. 3 Lives clearly has a personal message and it has to be admired for these reasons but whether it portrays them as well as hoped (especially telling the story from a female perspective), I’m not so sure. There is perhaps a good movie to be made from all of these ideas but 3 Lives unfortunately isn’t it.

3 Lives is out now on DVD and Digital from High Octane Pictures.


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