08th Oct2019

Getting Serious About PC Gaming

by James Smith

Consoles are exceptionally popular. Many people today have an Xbox, PlayStation or Switch in their homes. Some have multiple consoles and even handhelds devices for when they are out and about. It’s easy to forget that many of us started playing games on PCs, all those years ago. Before there were consoles, there were PCs and their predecessors. The games were crude, the graphics appalling, but they were fun. Nowadays, while many people play the odd game on a phone or tablet when they are waiting for an appointment, fewer people spend time playing games on a PC.

But, that doesn’t mean that PC games aren’t relevant. PC games have developed just as much as console games. PCs themselves have become more powerful, and the graphics have improved beyond recognition. If you play PC games, you might think about starting to take it more seriously, exploring options and getting involved in the modern PC gamer community. Here are some of the things that you need to do if you want to take PC gaming more seriously.


Get Over Your Console

You certainly don’t need to give up your console to start enjoying PC games more. But, you might want to take a little break, or at least reduce the time that you spend on console games to give your PC games a chance to shine. Don’t just assume that the consoles are better, or that you will enjoy the gameplay more. Get over it, and give your PC a chance.

Upgrade Your PC

One of the best things about desktop computers is that there are so many options. It’s not like the choice between a Sony and Microsoft. There are loads of different brands, making multiple PCs with different specifications. Before upgrading, think about what you are likely to use your PC for. A custom gaming PC can be ideal if you are a serious gamer and want the best equipment.


Get Comfy

If there’s one thing a gamer needs, no matter what platform they are using, it’s a comfortable chair. Invest in a gamers chair and make sure there’s plenty of room on your desk for drinks and snacks. You might also want to add a second screen for ease of use.

Find Your Games

Any serious gamer has their favourites. Think about what kind of games you enjoy playing, and look for some popular options, as well as some independent titles.

And Your People

PC gaming is huge. There are competitions and leagues that you could become part of, people that you can play against, or just talk to about your gameplay on social media. Find people to share your gaming adventure, and it will be more enjoyable.

Appreciate the Benefits of PC Gaming

If you really want to take PC gaming seriously, it’s a good idea to understand and appreciate its benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Cheap games.
  • More Variation of Games – an open platform means that it is easy for developers to create new games, which means that there are lots of indie titles on the market.
  • Controls like a keyboard and mouse offer great speed and accuracy, as well as more complexity than a console controller, making them perfect for strategy games.
  • There are also more control options. You might prefer a keyboard and mouse, but you could also use a handheld controller.
  • Great graphics.
  • Use free mods to make a game your own with edits and additions.


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