08th Oct2019

‘Castle Crashers Remastered’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Britt Roberts


Castle Crashers holds a special place in my heart, released pretty much a decade ago when local co-op was begging for rocks to eat whilst wearing nothing but a skirt fashioned out of crudely sewn-together crisp-packets and shoes make from cereal boxed wrapped in parcel tape, it was a dark time indeed for those of us who loved nothing more than gathering around a TV with friends and beers (if age-appropriate, natch)

Castle Crashers was a breath of fresh air, up to four players in a 2D brawling world of colourful medieval knights with a hefty dose of quirky humour, upgradeable skills, replay values and satisfying combat, it was a single bottle of Barefoot Shiraz bobbing in an ocean full of empty bottles of Buckfast with ‘FPS Shooter’ written on the sides.

The truth is that Castle Crashers is still just as good as when it was released and, if you are new to the game, due to its crisp 2D art style and design sensibilities, it’s aged very well indeed, it sees up to four knights battling their way through fantasy landscapes to save the kingdom and rescue their princesses, occasionally getting into boss battles with whopping great little tinkers. If you’ve played any other games by developers The Behemoth, like Alien Hominid or BattleBlock Theatre, you’ll know what to expect here as their design philosophies and idiosyncratic style bleeds through all of their work, giving it a shared-world feel.

This Remastered edition looks glorious on the Switch and of course truly reveals itself in local multiplayer (but is still a blast to play through alone, if that’s your bag). There is the addition of a new mini-game, which is a sort of rhythm game whereby you press the d-pad to move around an isometric turn-based field avoiding monsters to see how long you can survive without getting caught, a brief but fun distraction from the real meat and potatoes here which is the main game itself.

Ten years old and still looking fresh out of the box, Castle Crashers Remastered is the perfect way to either re-play the game again or discover it for the first time. There are a lot of local multiplayer games available on Switch (good) and this still stands out among the best, definitely one to play to get your daily dose of brawling.

Castle Crashers Remastered is available now on the Nintendo eShop


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